Test: Maserati Ghibli Trophy

As he looks: The Ghibli Trophy is the Italian answer to BMW M5, Audi RS 7 Sport back or Mercedes-AMG E 63 S. a four-door Gran Tourism of almost five meters in length camouflaged sports cars so that the technique objectivity of the German competition with emotional elegance counters. Playful is by no means; The flat, slightly copious silhouette with a long bonnet and prominent in the grille placed Maserati trident is a seriously athletic statement. From the rest of the Ghibli family, among other things, the ROMEO differs through the two air intakes on the bonnet, CFK spoiler elements, a special rear diffuser, the green-white-red of the Italian tricolors on the B-pillar and Trophy letters, which Also red deposed by red as the oval Ghetto logos.

Detection sign: Trophy lettering about the side gem. Manufacturer

As it is set up: The interior is also a counter-draft to the competitors from Munich, Ingolstadt and Affalterbach. What should not mean that it is a premium broadcast. The interior designers have only implemented them differently – with stylishly combined mold variety, lots of leather and plenty of carbon, a Tycho unit of two classic analog instruments, which take an info display in the middle and a well-readable 10.1-inch touch screen, which is the tools Non-demanding infotainment on Android basis houses. The – in the rest of the wireless – integrable smartphone goes to the inductive loading into a drawer, in the wide center console a chilled compartment picks up the travel food, the leather adorns itself with red ornamental seams, on the drippy valance as well as on the headrests, again pronounces prominent Maserati trident. And as a particularly pretty detail, we have registered the chrome analogue watch, which sits in the middle on the instrument carrier and puffed under a small leather hood.

Interior: leather and carbon are the dominant materials. Manufacturer

How much space he has: The Ghibli places his passengers on body-friendly, taut padded, but nonetheless comfortable sporting sites, not only in the side-time he wants to be comfortable touring mousse. For such an – at least with a claim to comfortable four- or even five seats – but it happens in the short-cut rear in space. The trunk is nothing to accuse in view of 500 liters of capacity, only the surprisings suffers slightly under the narrow opening. The flap can be operated electrically.

That looks the back man: rear with four-flight exhaust system. Manufacturer

What drives him: Something that deserves the multi-track term from the power plant and comes from a home whose name has an at least equally good sound as that of Maserati: Ferrari supplies the double-charged eight cylinders, which is 3, 8 liters capacity 427 kW / 580 hp brings and produces a maximum torque of 730 Newton meters. An eight-speed automatic sends the powerful driving forces to the rear axle, unlike the German competitors, the Ghibli Trophy thus dispenses on four-wheel drive. The round scale of the Tycho ranges up to 350 km / h, the data sheet has 326 – that is far above what the reality at 250 km / h otherwise maximally allows and anyway above what the sense of responsibility in the public traffic space allowed. We take the Trophy his speed, we did not have them. From 0 to 100 shoots the top ghibli in 4.3 seconds.

Due to scrutiny: In the top, the Trophy creates 326 km / h. That should be expressed only on the racetrack. Manufacturer

As he drives: The V8 is called via a start button placed on the steering wheel. The phonetic response takes place in the form of a powerful but not intrusive or even chubby sounds. Then the Ghibli will stop his 580 horsepower strengths, vehement is pushing forward, effortlessly printed and linear, the power of force is d1. The eight-speed automation supports with crisp short switching times, the powerful paddles on the steering wheel we hardly endeavored. He can, the Trophy, supported by the precise steering and the adaptive Skyhook damper system, which effectively reduces nick and rolling movements, and at the same time promotes the gentle side of the Ghibli, because even in sharp sport – and in extra sharp Cora Mode does not mutate the hasty Gran Tourism to the Bocklharten torment for the discs.

With caution, however, fast serpentine dances should be addressed on rainwater roads, here is noticeable that no four-wheel drive is at the factory, the stern does not push out not only in borderland situations, especially in – outside the racetrack Onesies not recommended – Cora – Mode, which frees the compensating vehicle helpers from the service. On the other hand, on the center console, the I.C.E button is sitting on the center console above the Sport Cora button. The abbreviation stands for Increased Control and Efficiency, should ensure a slippery surface for more safety and by a gentle appealing accelerator pedal the driving operation in the direction of economic efficiency.

Convertible to the push of a button: i.c.e.- and Cora button on the center console. Manufacturer

What he consumes: At the fuel, the Ghibli Trophy should not be crazy. Even the standard consumption (12.3 – 12.2 l / 100 km) moves in the double-digit area. Although we have actually come to 8.4 l of our a few round rounds. On average, however, we have noted 14.8 l, and those who strives for the highway quickly needs to control values ​​around 18 liters. After all, it does not need an expensive super plus as food.

What he offers: among other things full-led matrix headlight with cornering light, a Bremen performance brake system, infotainment with Navy, 21-inch alloy wheels, 12-fold adjustable sports seats, seat heating and ventilation, leather equipment, Two zone climate control. The assistance systems are summarized in packages, which are not only advanced as the traffic dust and freeway assistant, but also details that are actually available in this price segment as basic: traffic sign recognition, dead angle assistant and 360-degree camerae.

What he costs: from 133,816 euros.

What we mean: The Maserati Ghibli Trophy is a personality-strong alternative to the German top league powerful sports limousine ​​- good-looking, high-quality furnished, equipped with a powerful infotainment and a formidable eight-cylinder. Whether such a motorization is still contemporary in times of climate change and sustainability, at least may be discussed. After all: The more temperate Ghibli variants also include a hybrid.

UCLA Elmer

The data of the Maserati Ghibli Trophy

Displacement 3799 CCM, Cylinder 8, Power 427 kW / 580 hp at 6750 / min, max. Torque 730 Nm at 2250 – 5250 / min, tip 326 km / h, Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h in 4.3 sec, standard consumption 12,3 – 12, 2 L S PRO100 km, Test consumption 14.8 l / 100 km, CO2 emission 278 g / km, pollutant class Euro 6D final, Energy efficiency class G, Length 4.97 m, Width 1.95 m (without outside mirror), height 1.46 m, trunk 500 l, Fuel tank 80 L, Empty weight 1960 kg, Permitted total weight 2540 kg, Payload 580 kg, 8-G automatic, rear drive. Insurance type classes 18 (km), 33 (VK), 33 (TK). Price from 133,816 euros.

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