SC Freiburg: Schmid-comeback six months to Corona

Then Jonathan Schmid had to wait for a long time for long 168 days: for the first time since the 21st of August, the 31-year-old was used again in a game of the Football Bundesliga, although only for nine minutes plus five minutes of reflection time.

Coming Up: Jonathan Schmid | Kick off!
And so the actually displeased coach Christian Streich after the 0: 1 defeat at the 1st FC Cologne still had good news.

“Johnny is fine,” said prank, “He did not play long for a long time, but now he’s very healthy, so he could play a few minutes again.” When regular and replacement captain gone to the season, the 31-year-old had infected with the coronavirus.

His return pulled unexpectedly long. Shortly before Christmas he was used in the 2nd team in the 3rd league, now the comeback in the Bundesliga. “He has no more problems,” said prank: “Luckily, it could have been different.”

The born Strasbourg is an institution in Freiburg. In 2011 he gave his Bundesliga debut under coach Robin Dutt. In between, he played a year in Hoffenheim and three in Augsburg, but in 2019 he returned to the Breisgau. Last March, he released the former Munich Franck Ribéry as French with most of the Bundesliga missions. Now some are likely to come.

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