Seed version “CR Cup” participating member summary! What are your interest players to see in the first tournament?

“CR Cup Rainbow Six Siege Presented by X-Moment” is held on January 30, 2022 (Sun). YouTube is distributed on the X-Moment channel.

A “CRAZY RACCOON CUP (hereinafter referred to as CR cup)” that the popular streamer is held by the professional gumming team “CRAZY RACCOON”.

“Ubisoft” sends, a rich character and a skillful strategy to hold a key 5V5 tactical shooter “Rainbow Six Seas (hereinafter referred to as R6S)”.

Both collaborations with both E-SPORTS scenes are fully releasing their presence.

This time, we will introduce all the streamers who participate in the main tournament that each world focuses. Check out the target points of the competition to enjoy the tournament more!

# Team A’s contestor is here!

Unique members are gathered, and Team A. I am expecting the explosion power when each power was demonstrated. On the other hand, since the role of the brake is absent, the coach of Kenki will have a winning failure if you hold the reins.

# # Daruma no

Streamer of CR belongs. Not only the sense of talk power and laughter, but also the skills of all games are excellent and have won a wide range of popularity.

There is a victory experience at the Asian tournament of “Fort Night”, and the ability of FPS is also quite high.

In the “R6 Royal Flash” held on September 10, 2021, despite that time, even though it was a beginner at that time, the arm to be seen in the practice period is raised, and the other team is afraid of other teams. It also attracts attention as a player as a player.

# # Obara

VTUBER. vampire. His unique to saying and dentets are attractive and reigned at the top of the male vTuber.

He is aware of the performance when he is motivated, and “R6S” is a pottery with a lot of enemy emissions. Let’s look forward to the form of engines according to the production.

# # Flower buds

Buzzle! VTUBER. Delivery to be relieved in the fluffy atmosphere is popular.

“R6S” is not delivered, but “Apex Legends” is the ability to reach Master Lank. In addition, there is a tweet that mentions “R6S” with Twitter, so it is actually the possibility of hidden strong people. She may be a dark hose of the tournament now.

# # Tachibana Hina

Buzzle! VTUBER. She has a loud laughter and a high singing ability, and what I thought is a straight character to put it in the mouth.

Her FPS her skill is certainly, she is “Apex Legends” and the predator (season 2) and “Overwatch” have reached the Grand Master. She has experience in “R6S” tournament several times, and its success is expected. She also attracts attention to the “Obiopo” combination with kamito.

# # Kamito

Now the tournament’s only individual streamer. It is known as one of the leading sanji, and the limit of that limit is often raised to the topic.

“Apex Legends” is a spirit that has reached the Predator in solo many times. She has previously been active as a professional gamer of “Alliance of Valiant ARMS”, and it takes no matters to her high power. “R6 He is Royal Flash” supports the team with a calm judgment, and it is likely to be a team for the team.

# # Coach: Kenki

[Scheduling seminar] Nicholas G. Hall (The Ohio State Uni) | Dynamic Opponent Choice in Tournaments
Progemer of the belonging father. Speaking of “R6S”, it is a person who is just listed. His play is, of course, a refreshing visual and a per capita goodness is one of the attractions.

He is involved in “R6S” for many years, and there is also a wealth of coach experience of the streamer tournament, so we will advise your beginners easy to understand. He is expecting to manipulate the members of the unique team A.

# Team B’s contestor is here!

Five people who added ARISAKA to four people who are well distributed with the collaboration name “Mayu four”. It is a team that wants to expect the cooperation power cultivated in the usual collaboration. It will be the key to victory if you can run the tactics of the coach of WOKKA.


VTUBER. It is popular in the end of the term and the way to talk about it, and the Sakuhira, which shows it occasionally.

The APS skill is high and offers stable performance in any scene. In “R6 Royal Flash”, the movement of the enemy was leaning and the movement of the enemy was shining. It is noted that cooperation works well at this tournament that does not have a preliminary practice.

# # Komori

VTUber belongs to Buia. Earth-like life. Her rich emotional expression is popular, and she gives the viewer as a “favorite fool”.

“R6S” is not distributed, but we are distributing various FPS games such as “Apex Legends”. In addition, the delivery of “Rainbow Six Extraction” that the same character as “R6S” appeared the other day the same character was also delivered. Actually, it may be a participant that I feel most.

# # Ichinose Uru

Buzzle! VTUBER. She put out what I thought in a husky voice. Therefore, there are often bad things, but there are many fans attracted to the gap with a cute appearance that goes out.

Delivery often plays a game of FPS, and in the practice of “R6 Royal Flash”, the coach WOKKA is “finished”. The scene of the scene here is the point of interest.

# # Arisaka

Streamer of CR belongs. Talk skills, which are called CR’s comedy sectors, are popular. Especially the “Darusaka” combination with a sour sour is popular as many fans are waiting for collaboration delivery.

The Aim power trained in the “PUBG” and “Fort Night” competition is real, and it is said that it is Aim Gorilla. There is no doubt that you can enjoy the viewer in both the light exchange and play with the “Yuka Four”.

# # Snowy ladle

Merise affiliated vTuber. She gets popular as a character and character. “CR Cup” is familiar with the vision point of practice custom and the comentator on the day of the event.

“R6S” seems to be a beginner, as there is also an introduction tweet. However, “Apex Legends” is a vital person who has achieved a solo Master. Since team members are also familiar with collaboration, it is likely to be aware of the game that can cover the lack of experience with the linkage.

# # Coach: WOKKA

Progemer of CR affiliation. World WOKKA. The overwhelming play of “R6S” has attracted many people. He recently participates in the “Apex Legends” competition scene and there are many fans who look forward to the world again.

WOKKA’s coaching that shines on the world tournament stage. At that time, it is a highlight of how many teams that have been running around the battlefield.

# # Valley Streamer CR Cup

It is the first collaboration of “CR Cup” and “R6S”, but it will definitely be a tournament than expectation.

Such a “CR Cup Rainbow Six Siege Presented by X-Moment” on Sunday, January 30, 2012, this delivery is a YouTube X-Moment channel, and each view is delivered on the streamer’s personal channel.

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