Single talks and “Efficient Meeting”: Deb Team works Canada

“We’re all so long in the ice hockey business that we know that bad mood does not bring anything,” An attacker Matthias Plachta – one of ten silver winners of 2018 in the team – said on Friday. “We are a troop that has giant fun together.”

This was previously clearly felt in training despite the evil 1: 5 against a C-selection of record Olympic champion Canada without NHL stars. Even without Nowak, who fails after the fierce, but unexpected check of Canadian Eric O’Dell on Thursday with suspicion of concussion for the time being.

On Saturday (9:40 am) it goes after the false start against Canada now against outsider China. Rather, against the Kunlun Red Star Club Team from the Russian KHL, which runs at Olympia as a National Team of China. “This is a nation we can beat,” Plachta said, of course, that a victory is mandatory against the big outsider: “You can do so, but you have to take every opponent seriously.”

We had an efficient meeting and now a good workout. Tomorrow we have a new chance again.

Matthias Plachta

COLLABORATE! Skills and Best Practice Panel Session

Apart from the fact that after the worrying appearance of the self-appointed medal candidate against Canada, any other attitude is prohibited, anything but a victory would be a lamination. About the questionability of China’s Olympic Result was 0: 8 against the US team consisting primarily of college players was even more clear than was known.

In the KHL, Kunlun is dropped last. The 13 Canadians, three US citizens and a Russian Kunluns were short-managed Chinese names, and also with the actually strict naturalization formalities it was probably not so accurate. “To Olympia is always a touch of exoticism,” Söderholm formulated diplomatic.

Many individual talks

After the bankruptcy against Canada, the Finn was more effortless to rebuild his team than to worry about meaning or nonsense of the Chinese team. In training on Friday, Söderholm led strikingly many individual talks. With many shots partly on the empty gate, the self-confidence should obviously be revived.

“We had an efficient meeting and now a good workout. Tomorrow we have a new chance again,” Plachta said. The Mannheimer also experienced a 2018 in Pyeongchag an Olympic false start with two defeats at that time. Afterwards Germany was always better, only 56 seconds were missing in the end against Russia in the final to the gold medal.

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