BVB: Bürki change to Ligue 1 apparently from the table

Borussia Dortmund is apparently sitting on Roman Bürki. On the last day of the winter transfer phase, the BVB had already agreed with a pickup, but a deal should now be off the table.

After the coloted change from Roman Bürki deployed from BVB to Galatasaray, the chance of transferring the degraded ex-Stemkeeper into Ligue 1 has apparently failed. According to “look” reporter Andreas Böni, the BVB keeper will not switch to the FC Lorient in Ligue 1. Previously, several media had reported on a possible lean.

Thus, “The Athletic” and the usually well informed “Ruhr news” reported the interest of the French, a request lies the BVB, it said. In addition, on Monday, a conversation between Bürki and Lorients director Michael Zorc had given the training grounds of Borussia in Dortmund Brackel.

The leaf, however, wrote from a “race against the time”, as the transfer window in France closes at 23:59. According to “Sky”, BVB and FC Lorient had already agreed on a lean. Thus, the ball lay at the goalkeeper, because in the French first division, the Swiss would have deserved less money than the BVB (around five million euros).

Ultimately, everything was “too short term for a sensible decision”, writes “Look” journalist Böni.

FC Lorient not at all about Roman Bürki?

Meanwhile, a completely different message circulates in the south of Europe. The Portuguese newspaper “Record” reports that Lorient wants to strive for Benfica-Replenkeeper Hèlton. At Brazilian, a loan business is initially talking to the end of the season.

However, it is confirmed, however, that Lorient is around for a new goalkeeper. The local daily newspaper “Le Télégramme” writes from a degradation from the former regularkeeper Paul Nardi and claims the club looking for the second round urgent replacements. Whoever receives the surcharge ultimately, but still be open.

Remains the BVB again on Bürki?

Through the latest developments, BVB will probably sit on Bürki again. At the weekend his supposed change to Galatasaray was already reported as almost perfect.

Talks and negotiations were talking in Turkish and German media. In the end, however, the transfer did not materialize.

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