Panze! Eberl takes back to Gladbach

Max Eberl leaves Borussia Mönchengladbach after 23 years. The foals are located in the middle of the crisis without a guided tour.

Max Eberl leaves his “baby”, after 23 years at Borussia Mönchengladbach is bang on fall: Without great warning, the success guarantor of the last decade has left the scanning ship to the “SID” and “RTL / NTV” information after “SID” and “RTL / NTV” information and finished an era. In the middle of the crisis, the foals are thus without guidance.

According to “Sky” the search for a successor is already running clubs already. If the resignation is to be done exactly, however, it is still open. This is possible in the next few days or at the latest at the end of the season.

Even if confirmation did not take place on Thursday night, the farewell to “SID” information has been fixed for days. Already at the press conference in front of the cup match at Hannover 96, the Eberl leavess director had worked unfamiliarly on a driving, unused and coach Adi Hütter called twice “Dieter”. In Hanover, as well as in the home game against Union Berlin, he was no longer on the bench, according to Borussia “ill”.

A role in the farewell should also have played privacy. Eberl is with the Swiss Sedrina Schaller (33), which he had brought into the club in May as “Assistant Team Manager”. Both had publicly made the relationship which should be critically seen within the club in October. At the turn of the year, Schaller left the club, according to Borussia at his own request.

Eberl had extended his contract prematurely until 2026 in December 2020 and then taken a much noteworthy break in Switzerland. For Borussia, the separation comes to the timer: The five-time master has been playing his worst season for eleven years, is after four home defeats in a row in the relegation battle. Even coach Hütter, which Eberl had brought in the summer for 7.5 million euros from Frankfurt, last in the criticism.

Eberl responsible for numerous top transfers

Eberl’s merits around the club are meanwhile undisputed. Since the 2011 relegation, Borussia has always landed ten years in a row on a single-digit table space – otherwise only Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund managed. Three times the traditional club reached the Champions League at this time, three times the Europa League.

Eberl had come to the foals at the beginning of 1999 as a professional. From 2004 he worked as a young coordinator, 2008 he rose to the Eberl leavess director. With talents, but first-class transfers built Eberl the Borussia newly built. When his masterpiece is still the purchase of Marco Reus from the former second division red white ahlen. Other top purchases were Dante, Granit Xhaka, Christoph Kramer or Max Kruse.

Eberls Zeil remains unfulfilled

No wonder that Bayern Munich was waiting for 2017, Eberl’s athletic home. But the native Niederbayer remained at Lower Rhine, where he was almost as a one-man show for the external representation, which cost forces. “At some point,” says Eberl again and again, “I want to win a title with Borussia Mönchengladbach”, something “tinny”. This goal is now unfulfilled.

Now Eberl will have time for the private life. And then? In November he had declared the “Eberl leavess picture” not to exclude a return to Bayern. It is “conceivable that I work as a youth scout at Bayern and end my career in football at the Tegernsee,” said Eberl. He already owns a house on the Tegernsee.

Max Eberl verlässt Borussia Mönchengladbach

Even at RB Leipzig, where the succession of Eberl leavess director Markus Krösche is still open, Eberl was last traded.

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