Sifu in the test: roaring heavy and so, so motivating

Actually, a playable Kung-Fu movie sounds like a good idea. Who would not like to bash in the role of Bruce Lee, Jet Lii, Jean Claude Van Damme or Jackie Chan numerous villains at the same time with cool moves or weapons? In fact, however, there were comparatively few games that combine film-reactive presentation in the styles of such films with the medium video game. However, there is a new representative of this combination from Sloclap: Sifu, which has appeared on 8 February for PS5 / PS4 and PC. Bockscher should be, but rewarding and brutal at the same time, a compromising game in all matters. Can the Kung Fu action game leave a lasting and positive impression? Or is the new game of Sloclap for a qualitative blow in the face?

Sifu is primarily a 3D action game in which the main task consists of overwhelming a variety of opponents and the bosses in duels in five big levels. You control the son or daughter (depending on the choice of the player) of an old Kung Fu master, which was killed eight years ago by criminals. Of course, you want to reveal revenge and thus make you hunt for the five main managers.

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The world is a dojo

The mechanics underlying these beatings are quite simple at first glance. A key for heavy and light attacks each, a button for blocking, the analog stick to dodge as well as a Dash key. Also a focus bar is available to you, which you can strategically use it after charging for special attacks.

Anyone who is not 100 percent concentrated and precisely accused, avoids or simply escapes is relatively quickly bite into the grass. Finally, there are no items that could heal you. You want to regenerate health? Good, then make enemies, at best many! Checkpoints also do not exist in the levels. So it is hardly possible to complete the game if you do not intensively put yourself in the different game mechanics.

Age before beauty

If you find the way to the hereafter, and that will happen quickly, our main character can be revived thanks to a magical amulet. With each resurrection you will be older. If you die several times in succession, your previous death will be added and added to your previous age. This process runs approximately to your 70s, from this point the amulet completely breaks and it’s called “Game Over”.

At the same time with your age, piece goes into your strength, but at the same moment you lose maximum health. At the latest during your Midlife Crisis, it should therefore be concerned, sometimes a bit before and increasingly pay attention to your defense. In addition, you can learn new skills over the game duration as well as Level-specific bonuses unlock.

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Page 1 Sifu in the test: roaring heavy and so, so motivating – Page 1

Page 2 Sifu in the test: roaring heavy and so, so motivating – Page 2

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