The classified playlist of Halo Infinite deletes the divisive map

Halo infinity The developer 343 Industries revealed this week that Behemoth CTF has been removed from the classified reproduction lists. According to a new publication of Halo Waypoint forums, “the map is not working in the classification as expected.” The developer entered into specific details about why the map is eliminated and the ways it will seek to improve the general experience. Essentially, problems are reduced as much to spawning problems on the map and “lack of viable coverage opportunities”. 343 Industries hopes to solve these problems, so that players can start enjoying more of the map when it appears.

“Appearing on the perimeter of the bases with a direct viewline to the pedestal, in addition to the beginnings of BR 75, is creating a more frantic game rhythm than desired. This leaves players with the feeling that even a well-coordinated team pushes to the enemy base can fall apart, which causes the banner to be much more difficult than it should be, “says the publication. “In the same way, players seem to reappear in places that can often appear unpredictable and, therefore, frustrating to treat. This applies to both the attackers and defenders. “

Halo Infinite has removed Behemoth from CTF Ranked Playlist

While the plan is that Behemoth CTF returns to the qualifying items at some point, 343 Industries does not plan it unless you trust that you can improve the situation. The answers to the publication seem mostly positive, and many point out their frustration with Behemoth CTF. However, other players seem discontent because the game is eliminating content, instead of adding more. Obviously, there are many difficulties in finding the right balance and being able to keep the players involved, but it is good to see that 343 Industries listens to the comments and looks for ways to improve. Halo infinite.

Halo infinito is now available at Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. Readers can check all our previous game coverage here.

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