VFB Stuttgart: Penalty decision brings Mislinat in Rage

The withdrawn penalty in the game between the SC Freiburg and the VfB Stuttgart (2: 0) made after the game for excitement. VFB sports director Sven Mislinat was a faubles game and spoke of a “insane” decision. Very different saw that of the Freiburg coach Christian Streich.

The Breisgauer won after an own goal of Hiroki Ito (37.) and a gate of Kevin Schade (72nd) with 2: 0. For the leadership goal, however, was said, said disputed scene: After a duel between Lukas Kübler and Alexis Tibidi, referee Tobias Stieler decided on a penalty, but took him back after consultation with the VaR and consultation of the video images.

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For Mislinat a anding. “For all those who have not seen contact – has heard him in the stadium every1. Referee services of this kind destroy the games. The game is changing with such a situation. It is a clear contact, he is falling, the thing It is spoiled, it is not a clear wrong decision. The procedure is completely insane in my opinion, “he talked to SKY after the game in Rage.

His coach Pellegrino Matarazzo looked like it: “I can not understand 100 percent. We were disadvantaged last week and did not get a penalty, which was a very clear foul for me.”

Freiburg’s Nicolas Höfler admitted that the Freiburg could not have complained: “Extremely important for us that he has taken back to it. Otherwise it would have become much heavier again…” Mislinat reacted to this statement a little later, “if It even say the Freiburg… “

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The 49-year-old saw his club, who now has been waiting for a hits for 477 minutes, due to the lack of standing. “It would never give it that the tens of tunnels are withdrawn against teams who have another reputation than the VFB Stuttgart,” he stressed.

Freiburg-Coach Christian Streich, whose team occupies the fifth place for the fifth place after victory, could not recognize a penalty: “That’s a penalty? The player is just there, does nothing, has zero activity. Luckily such penalties are taken back. So A situation can never be a penalty – not for us and no one else. “

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On the press conference after the game, however, strike admitted that he could “understand the frustration of the guests” very well “. Matarazzo explained in his part, he would not have been “nothing,” stalks had not spoiled. However, in “30, 35 percent penalty” did not have a clear wrong decision, which is why the Var did not have to turn on.

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