Cyberpunk 2077: Smart

Cyberpunk 2077: How to work Smart Weapons – and so they use them

Cyberpunk 2077: Weapons Explained (Smart vs. Tech vs. Power)

Smart weapons are not difficult to obtain in Cyberpunk 2077; Already quite early in the game you can find the intelligent argument amplifiers. The peculiarity of smart weapons is already in their description: the projectiles are intelligent and find their goal independently.

  • Also in the description is that smart link cyberware is needed. Without these you can use the smart weapon just like a normal weapon – so you have to go to yourself.
  • The Cyberware can be planted by a ripperdoc. The cheapest variant for entry is the skin implant of Tyger Claws. With this you can already use the smart function, even if further bonuses are included only with more expensive cyberware articles.
  • In the application there is not much to pay attention: they go to an opponent and then target them – in this way the projectiles find their goal independently.
  • Among the many smart weapons, there have been some special reputation, such as the Smart Pistol Skippy. She can speak and has two intelligent fire modes (only head shots / only leg shots). Also strong: Skippy’s damage scaled with your character level, there are therefore no upgrades necessary. The location is Vista del Rey in Heywood.

However, the smart capability also depends on the range and this varies significantly depending on the weapon. So you can use the smart target search system with a sniper rifle from greater distance than with a pistol. Depending on the playing style, smart weapons can therefore be a real enrichment, at the same time they are by no means necessarily dependent on products of this kind, as the gameplay offers enough freedom for alternatives.

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