Green bright: Bow and arrows build

Green Hell: Bow and arrows made easy

Green Arrow's Bow

The hunt is bright in Green. Arrow and bow are also suitable for the fight next to the hunt. One reason more, knowing how the production runs. You can build a bow at the beginning of the game because you do not need a blueprint or special resources:

  • A simple bow build through the combination of a long stick with a rope. This is already possible at the beginning and advise from the time you find feathers to build arrows.
  • According to the same pattern, you can also build a bamboo arch: Here comes a long bamboo stick together with a rope.
  • For simple arrows you need a small stick and two springs. Feathers can be found in bird stars, optionally you will receive them from leased birds.

  • Later, they can also produce metal arrows that cause more damage.
  • Bows are even better and arrows of the indigenous people (tribal arch and tribal arrows). These will give you by killing the tribal warriors.

Keep in mind that you can pick up missed arrows. This is important because they usually do not lead arrows in abundance. This applies to both arrows that your goal has not met as well as for arrows that put in dead animals (or opponents). It is therefore worthwhile to bring small animals such as spiders or scorpions, as their bow capability is increased without losing arrows.

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