Kruse is open to: penalty whistle was “luck for us”

For 26 minutes, VfL Wolfsburg had hardly taken care of danger at Eintracht Frankfurt. From nothing then returned Max Kruse on the criminal margin and went to a contact with SGE defender Martin Hinteregger to the ground. The scene should bring the turning into play.

Because after contact with the Cologne Keller referee Frank Willenborg decided on penalty and not on free kick. Kruse himself called the contact with Hinteregger, who had checked him more or less, so: “I war the ball and make my typical hook and he stands completely in the way. Of course, he can not dissolve in air, I know that too “Kruse gave behind on the Sky micro.

If he knew that the foul was in the penalty area, he would not have spoiled it first.

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Winter newcomers of the wolves even went a step further. Kruse spoke of a “50-50 situation” and added, in many ways: “If he had known (evreiter Willborg, Note d. Red.) that the foul was in the penalty area, he would not have spoiled it first. So he whistles And must decide at the end of a penalty. “

Trapp: Wolfsburg does not know “how it won”

This turned crude and brought his colors to the winning road. After the 1: 0 out of now the signs in the game and Wolfsburg shot late even the 2-0 by Joker Dodi Lukebakio. According to Sge-Keeper Kevin Trapp, Wolfsburg did not know in the end, “as it won. We actually made a good game,” the final man said.

The victory was – like Kruse actually said in relation to the penalty – a bit “luck for us”. The number 9 is likely to be the most important way, like all Wolfsburg, the second success in series. Come concluded this was ultimately through the Cleverness Kruses, about the Ridle Baku said, “He has a quality that brings us forward.”

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