BVB icon Karl-Heinz Riedle with clear warning

The former BVB professional and today’s RTL expert Karl-Heinz Riedle sees the Bundesliga in an international comparison in a dangerous situation.

“I think we have to take care in Germany not to lose the connection,” said the 56-year-old TV expert the “kicker”.

A key to prevent this sees the ex-Dortmund in the Personalism Erling Haaland. “For the Bundesliga it would be important that one holds one or the other big player in Germany. I think about Haaland. To have him in the Bundesliga, awakens international interest and attracts others.”

Haaland still has a contract at Borussia Dortmund until 2024, but can leave the club in the summer for a transfer fee of around 75 million euros.

Europa League “An incentive” for the BVB stars

Most recently, there were several speculation around a change of the 21-year-old attacker, which is courted by numerous top clubs.

On the big stage Champions League, Haaland is no longer on the way with BVB. Instead, the playoff duel is against the Rangers in the Europa League.

“The players had enough time to process the leaving class. Now everyone should be focused and know that you can win a lot in the Europa League,” said Riedle. “You just have to look at who is still competing. The FC Barcelona, ​​FC Seville, the SSC Naples and, and, and… these are anything but unattractive names. I expect the Dortmund – and also The Leipzig, whom it was similar – to give 100 percent in the Europa League. “

Haaland & Bellingham:

A profit of the Europa League is “definitely an incentive” for the BVB stars. “Each player dreams of big titles, because the Europa League is undoubtedly. If you ended up your career and shoot back, a title profit feels better than louder 2nd or 3rd places.”

Karl-Heinz Riedle warns the BVB in front of the Rangers

Haaland also had no mark in the Europa League “, emphasized Riedle. “That may be an additional incentive for him.”

Laufschundschaft is not the BVB opponent from Glasgow according to Riedle. “The Rangers are a great club – and the balance of BVB against the Rangers is negative. Since you should not think that one defeated in passing,” said the Champions League winner of 1997 and World Champion of 1990.

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