Also on Schalke: Kwasnioks unchanged credo

Six victories and four draws has brought the SCP to date from its outward travel. The fact that in the Tableau with 32 points “only” the eighth place to be booked, the Ostwestfalen of the lean yield in domestic characteristics have owed (2/4/6). Paderborn feels comfortable in the stranger evil, Lukas Kwasniok is to be fooled on the Game Tags PK on Thursday: “We are extremely looking forward to the challenging task,” let the coach of the 07er before the guest match on Schalke (Friday, 6.30 pm, live ! At Game Tags) know.

And also that he did not reveal the installation in mind – but not revealed, even if only one position is still open and suggests that it is the right-back position: “Marco Schuster and Robin Yalcin are of course options for The starting eleven. Both have different qualities, “said the 40-year-old only.

Qualities also introduce two new arrivals: “Through the reinforcements of Florent Muslija and Philipp Klement developed our game dominance. We are more in possession of the ball and now have to overrun that in scorchances,” Kwasniok demanded.

Plate trains – but not “like a young deer”

First of all, not as a target player, but as a joker, once more Felix plate can act. As against Dresden, the coach closed a use of the 26-year-old from the beginning. Although the striker completed the entire training session, but “not like a young deer”, Kwasniok said Süffisant.

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Looking at the Schalke placed on the rise ranks currently as a table fifter in lurking position: “You have accepted the 2nd league and performing well. The game in Dusseldorf (1: 2) was probably more of a slip-up. A change of coach (Daniel Thiune celebrated His debut, Note d. Red.) often releases euphoria and then it caught the other team. “

Despite the respect for the royal blue, Kwasniok – certainly also due to the previously strong balance in the stranger – with self-confidence in the game: “Away points, this is our expectation.”

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