Olympia Live: DSV team hunts gold medal in Parallelslalom

At 2 o’clock, the secondary final in Parallelslalom starts in the team, before shortly thereafter the curling final of women is pending (2:05 clock). From 2.30 clock, the Germans then start the third of four runs in the foursome and have good opportunities for several podium places. At 4 o’clock the 30km mass start of women begins, from 5.10 clock stands the ice hockey final of the men on the plan.

The Olympic Winter Games live at Dazn!

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Olympia today: the decisions of the day

Competition Result
SKI Alpin: ParallelsLalom Team
Curling: Final of women
Bob: Viererbob
Cross-country skiing: Mass start of women
Hockey: Final of men
Skating: 1000 meters men

Olympia today: the schedule on Sunday

Time competition
2.00 clock Ski Alpin: Parallelslalom Team
2:05 Curling: Final of women
2.30 clock Bob: 3rd and 4th run in the foursome bob
4.00 clock Cross-country skiing: Mass start of women
5.00 o’clock Figure skating: Schaulaufen
5.10 Hockey: Final of men
13.00 pm Olympic final celebration

Olympia – all important on Sunday in the live ticker

3.49 o’clock Parallelslalom: Julian Smoke Foot looks no country against Austrian Stefan Brennsteiner. This is 1: 1.

3.47 o’clock Parallelslalom: Dürr sets to 1: 0 and also delivers a good time with 24.59.

3: 44 o’clock Parallelslalom: Norway wins conceivable just 2: 2 but the better time against the US and brings bronze.

3: 33 o’clock – Viererbob: The third round is through. Germany lies with Friedrich before the crucial passage on 1st place 1 (2: 55,170), followed by the Landersmen around the pilot Lochner (+0.200) and the Canadians with Kripps (+0.650). Against 4.15 the fourth pass starts.

Parallelslalom: Germany is already safe in the final – silver

3: 24 o’clock Parallelslalom: Alexander Schmid Hold the victory for the DSV team! With 3: 1 Germany moves into the final against the Austrians and has at least silver already.

3: 26 o’clock Parallelslalom: Emma Aicher puts here on 2: 1 – but without going to the finish. Both racers make a mistake, but only the second and wins with it.

3: 24 o’clock Parallelslalom: Compensation for the USA, this is here 1: 1.

3: 22 o’clock Parallelslalom: Now the semi-finals of the USA starts against Germany! Lena Dürr represents here directly to 1: 0.

3: 17 o’clock Parallelslalom: Austria is in the final! Let’s hope you hit Germany there. After all, Norway still has the chance of bronze.

3: 08 clock – Viererbob: We look briefly over the men in the foursomebobs. The German team with Pilot Friedrich is still on 1st place and lies on gold course. In addition, a German sledge with the pilot Lochner.

3: 06 o’clock – Parallelslalom: There’s the thing! The DSV team switches out the reigning Olympic winner from Switzerland and meets the US in the semifinals.

3: 05 o’clock – Parallelslalom: Germany is in the lead! Lena Dürr is faster than its opponent and sets here to 2: 1

3: 04 – Parallelslalom: What an appearance of Alexander Schmid! The 27-year-old sets here to 1: 1, including best time of today.

3: 02 o’clock – Parallelslalom: Emma Aicher makes a mistake early and drives out of the trail. 1: 0 for Switzerland.

3: 01 clock – Parallelslalom: The US is in the quarterfinals and turns off Italy with 3: 1. The DSV team starts against Switzerland!

3: 00 – Curling: Briefly the view of the Curling Final of women: the end of the fourth lead the Britishes with 2: 1.

2.55 – Parallelslalom: Norway wins here very close to the French and is the second nation in the semi-final.

2.49 – Parallelslalom: Austria wins the first quarter-final against Slovakia with 3: 1 and enter the semi-final.

2.41 – ParallelsLalom: Switzerland moves into the quarterfinals! Her opponents from China barely saw land and divorce with 0: 4. With Switzerland, a heavy opponent awaits Germany in the quarterfinals.

2.38 clock – Viererbob: directly afterwards the next German four-sobbob starts, which pushes in place in place – everything still in the last run.

2.36 clock – Viererbob: Let’s go with the third run in the Viererbob! The first German carriage with the pilot Friedrich pushes in the third run in the meantime rank 1.

Parallelslalom: DSV team draws into the quarterfinals

2.33 clock – Parallelslalom: 3: 0! Germany moves to the quarterfinals, the medal dream lives on.

2:31 – Parallelslalom: Linus Strasser also goes to the finish first and increases here to 2: 0 for the DSV team. Lena Dürr can already make the sack here.

2.29 – ParallelsLalom: Go Germany and Sweden around the bet. Emma Aicher wins the first race against her Swedish counterparty – 1: 0.

2.27 – Parallelslalom: The US is the next nation in the quarterfinals, which is leaving Slovakia.

Justin BraIisaz-Bouche wins first major title in biathlon’s 12.5km mass start | 2022 Winter Olympics

2.22 clock – Parallelslalom: Italy is in the quarterfinals! Not the best performance of the Italians who belong here to the co-favorites, but still relaxes for the next round.

2. 19 o’clock – Curling: The finals of women are already running. The Britishes are currently in line with 2: 0 against their opponents from Japan.

2.15 – Parallelslalom: Norway wins short in the third round of the axle and is a round on. Next, Russia and Italy are measuring themselves.

2.09 – Parallelslalom: France wins here sovereign with 3: 0 and is in the quarterfinals. Incidentally, the weather conditions are stable, even if the wind increases slightly.

2.06 clock – Parallelslalom: Slovenia is in the quarterfinals! Strong appearance against the slightly favored Canadians. Next, the Czech Republic meets France.

2.00 clock – Parallelslalom: off you go! In the first round of the secondary, Canada meets Slovenia. Each country sends two women and two men at the start, which then start at the same time with their opposite to the race. A total of four races so – whoever more wins is further. At a draw, the added times of the best woman and the best man decide. In the first pass, Canada goes with 1: 0 in the lead.

1.50 clock – Parallelslalom: Due to the bad weather, the start of the TeamEvents in Parallelslalom had to be postponed yesterday. So far, the conditions look quite good – we hope that it stays like that. In a good ten minutes go!

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1.40 clock – TickerStart: Good morning (or more good night?) In the round! At the best German deep sleep time, the final day of the competition will be reported around Olympics this Sunday. I can accompany you the next Olympics hours. Here we go!

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