The Update of Sea Thieves adds the first adventure

Mar of thieves The RARE developer offered at the end of January a preview of the content of the game planned for this year, content that included a new type of experience called “adventures”. These adventures were described above as “limited time experiences such as our previous events” and the first adventure obtained a launch date of February 17. Now, that date has arrived, and thanks to her we have learned much more about the first adventure of the game.

To establish the mood, Rare shared this week the cinematographic trailer of the «Shrouded Islands» adventure that is live now. The goal is to make the game “a more dynamic place to explore,” the developers said.

A general description of this shared event below the trailer provided more context for those who would prefer to read about it instead of seeing it.

Sea of Thieves Adventures - Official 2022 Preview Trailer

«When ‘Shrouded Islands’ is opened, a new threat invades Golden Sands Outpost, the sudden disappearance of Captain Flameheart of the heavens and the sightings reports of the mysterious Bella have caused an uproar in the _ thieves_ – with Larinna, leader of The Bilge Rats, carefully monitoring these strange events, “said Rare’s creative director Mike Chapman on the first adventure. She will help you begin and you will even call you if you approach the tavern ».

Some patch notes related to adventures were also shared. They can be found below with the complete set of patch notes that cover everything else. Seen here.

Covered Islands (from February 17 to March 3)

Larinna waits for pirates in Outpost, urging crews to address Golden Sands to see what happened and get to know a new face in Sea of ​​Thieves. She talks to Larinna to start this new adventure!

Whatever brave enough to face the ethereal threats that arise in this adventure will be rewarded with an exclusive title and cosmetic for limited time. Players can use the creepy compass cover as a souvenir of their adventures on these covered islands.

Quick adventure menu

The quick menu now contains an adventure tab, which provides players easy access to information about previous, active and future adventures. When an adventure is activated, players can follow the story and track the feats and rewards available to progress in adventure.

Pirates with enthusiastic eyes can find an advance for the next adventure in the section soon…

The first Mar of thieves The adventure is now available and will last until March 3.

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