Ittrich to threats against Zwayer: “unbelievably disgusting”

Patrick Ittrich has convicted the attacking against his football referee Felix Zwayer on the harshest. “That Felix Zwayer is afraid of his family is the most disgusting thing. It hurts a self,” said Ithrich in the Ran Bundesliga Webshow.

“I know it from the past that you are committed,” explained the 43-year-old: “You have to try to deal with it, but sometime a point is reached, where you really have to ask yourself if that makes sense to make sense ” The Hamburg ITTRICH is active in the social media, that’s why I know what can be bloomed there. But I find it incredibly disgusting. “

ran Bundesliga Webshow: Mit Yussuf Poulsen
Football players would also be “offended, discriminated and insulted,” the police officer emphasized: “I do not know what people imagine to do what a right they have on it. That’s not a right-free space. Whether it is in the stadium or on the internet – I do not know what that should. “

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The Berlin Zwayer (40) had brought himself after publicity due to the top game between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich (2: 3) at the beginning of December. During this time he got help from numerous people and colleagues. He also received “from the psychological area”. “These conversations have brought a lot. I like to assume the help,” Zwayer said at Sky after his comeback in mid-February at the second division game Hannover 96 against Darmstadt 98.

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