MOD Allows you to play God of War at 8K and with Ray

Months after the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony Santa Monica Studios launched a patch for God of War that increased its resolution and FPS by playing in this new console. Now that this game came to PC, the community of modders has been throwing all kinds of creations, and one of them is just promoting the limit this award-winning game with 8K and Ray-Tracing resolution.

A modder known as AD Massicuro launched this mod that as you mentioned earlier, allows God of War to reach a resolution up to 8k with everything and Ray-Tracing. In the video that you will see below we show you how this mod looks running in an RTX 3090.

[8K] God of War 4 | RAY TRACING GI | RTX 3090 | Ultra Graphics | Comparison - Gameplay | Camera Mod
In addition to the above, this mod has increased the FOV and the drawn distance of God of War, so you can see in more detail what is in the distance. Additionally, enter an adjustment for the camera that causes them to react to the fighting, thus offering a much more immersive experience.

Editor’s note: I’m dying to see what your developers achieve with God of War Ragnarok on the PlayStation 5. Many users complained that this game would also reach PS4, but it is enough to see what Games Guerrillas did with Horizon Forbidden West to realize that this is not really a limitation.

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