FC Schalke 04: Ko Itura meets future decision

At FC Schalke 04, Ko Iturka is one of the discoveries of the season. The loan of Manchester City is indispensable from the internal defense of the narrow no longer – and hopes for a longer whereabouts.

The past matchday of the 2nd Bundesliga ran for the FC Schalke as lubricated: While the royal blue won her home game against SC Paderborn, all competitors at the top of the table. Suddenly, there is a lot of one back to grab. Accordingly optimistic is defense ass Ko Itura.

“There are only two points to the leader. That’s why I think it’s possible to rise as a master,” explained the Japanese in an interview with the “City Image”. But you have to “look forward” and “stay focused”.

Doubt does not hang in doubt. “For me, it is not an option not to rise. That’s not in my head. Every footballer wants to play in the highest league. And for me it is clear that this will be the case with Schalke,” announced the 25-year-old full-bodied at.

FC Schalke 04: Itcure wants to stay

Ko Itakura von Manchester zu Schalke?

The Defensivemann was changed by Manchester City to Gelsenkirchen in mid-August, in the course of the loan deal, the Ruhrpott club also secured a purchase option. After 20 predominantly strong inserts including two hits speak a lot for an activation of this clause.

Itkura itself does not make a secret of staying. “I feel good here and wants to play on Schalke in the longer term,” the Japanese national player realized.

But talks about a fixed obligation, but did not give “yet not”, so the shooting star, who supplemented: “It is not my sole decision either.”

Itkura reveals: here is at Schalke 04 “still air upwards”

Cityy, Itkura sees in the current table future still increase potential. “We need to improve, for example, to implement small tactical changes during a game. There is still air up,” he betrayed.

It was “in some games so that much, which was originally planned, in the end did not run perfectly”, confessed the central defenders: “And as a team, we also have to be able to find out quickly and without half-time discussion Why does not work and how we can do better the moment. “

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