WMADID, Red Fox Games Kingdom Hunter Womens Platform onboarding Services

Wemoid (Representative Jang Hyun Buk) turns on the Kingdom Hunter of Red Fox Games (Representative Son Kyung – Wan) on the Welemix platform.

Kingdom Hunter is a mobile strategy trading card game (TCG), which was developed by the previously launched Legions, which was released through a game in 2014 (TCG), Legions, John! I prepared.

Heroic capture and persuasion, prospective system, and heroic special abilities, such as a unique system, developing a hero and grows a hero, to cooperate with the Federation with a Giant World Map battlefield of 1024 x 1024.

Red Fox Games is a global game company that has a game publishing service for North America, South America, and Europe since Last 2015, headquartered in San Jose. The cumulative subscription member is about 1.7 million, especially in South America, the Localization Marketing has become the first business of the MMORPG market. Among the foreign game companies, the first Wi-Miss Platform onboard was confirmed.

In addition, it is also active as a game publishing, as well as a solid technology and know-how, as an infrastructure setup / consulting professional developer, mobile game development partner.

This year, we publish Kingdom Hunter to expand the South American market as a local accumulated service experience and marketing know-how, and expand global to North America, and Europe.

Member Onboarding Video

“I am looking forward to a successful South American market through cooperation with WMADID” and said, “I am looking forward to a successful South American market,” he said. I am convinced that I can appeal well, “We have marked the will of the South American market preemption.

“The Wims,” ​​said Jang Hyun Book Wemoid, “Welems are a game platform, a game platform that is currently running coin, NFT, and Diffie,” and “Red Fox Games’s Kingdom Hunter to be successful beyond South American services and actively support success over the global market. He said. “

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