Extended valley? Eintracht Frankfurts problems remain

The result is the same, but Oliver Glasner’s mental position a completely different. After 0: 1 at the 1st FC Cologne last weekend, the coach of Eintracht Frankfurt was still extremely dissatisfied with the performance of his team, now he presented himself milder. “I’m not satisfied, but that does not prepare my sleepless nights, unlike last week,” said Glasner on Saturday night after 0: 1 against FC Bayern Munich. It was the fifth defeat in the seventh league game this year. Bad scanned since the turn of the year only the VfB Stuttgart and Hertha BSC – both plugged up to the neck in the relegation battle.

For me what the game and the performance today a very clear step in the right direction.

Oliver glassner

Nevertheless, the mood was solved at Glasner. “Helenth,” he had been with the appearance of the personnel significantly changed harmony, his professionals would have the specifications “tactically really well implemented”. Above all, the Austrian rated the reaction to the Cologne game positively after he had held his team a public standpaw. “For me the game and performance today a very clear step in the right direction. That’s why I’m a lot more relaxed today,” Stressed Glasner and had the impression that it had “a cut” to the games before: “My feeling Tell me, we have passed through the bottom. “

There was almost forgotten that the Hesse had lost little against the record champion and deserved. Only two clear scoring chances, 32 percent ball possession and 35 percent recovered two-fighting stood after 90 minutes in statistics. The strategy with the three arrow-fast attackers Jesper Lindström, Filip Kostic and Ansgar Knauf Führf’s bays behind the Bayern chains, worked only pointed. This also recognized Glasner: “We offered you Paroli. Maybe not in the possession of the ball, but we have made it difficult for you.” Should mean: Nothing went forward, but after all, the defense was quite good.

Less Goals as the SGE achieved 2022 in the Bundesliga only Hertha

But the harmless attack game accompanies the SGE for too long. Less Goals than this year (6 hits) achieved only Hertha in the Bundesliga, against the Bavarians, Frankfurt leads to the third time in a row without their own hits. “We are too bad, dirty and especially in the game forward missing the purposefulness,” Sports Management Markus Krösche had to admit. The dedicated but lucky summer commitment Rafael Borré has been in the shape deep for weeks, as well as Daichi Kamada. Jesper Lindström is running, but it is currently missing the cold cutishness. And winter loan Ansgar Knauf brings pace, but not the urgently needed physicality in the storm.

Diashot ratio prepares – after 24 matchdays bombeled spight team of the league

The topic of robustness has been preparing for weeks, because the eagle carriers win far too few two-fighting. After the top game of the top game on Saturday evening, Frankfurt once again had the (by far) worst bugging rate of the teams, which were active until then on this matchday. Against Upamecano, Slee and Co. certainly no easy task, but otherwise too many duels are lost. Eintracht Frankfurt is after 24 matchdays the bombadsticked team of the league, only 46.3 percent of the duels are won on average.

The Eintracht stands before decisive weeks

Stay the problems of Eintracht – and the decisive weeks. With Hertha and Bochum in the Bundesliga and Betis Sevilla in the Europa League, four games are available, which can decide on the rating of the current low. Scores Glasner’s team in the league and sells internationally expensive, the stuttering start is quickly forgotten into the year. Further defeats could provide for uncomfortable times, because the connection to 6th place (and thus the possible entry into the international business) Frankfurt stops no longer. However, coaches and sports board are convinced that the successes will be held and face their players. Krösche rejected the question of the quality of the team decidedly back: “It is a development topic, no quality problem.”

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