How to defeat the knight of the burn in Elden Ring?

Knight Morning – the earliest boss everturm in the game. It consists of two phases, can be parried and has both fast and pending attacks. The boss is well telegraphs enough, but these movements can appear in the middle of the zamaha or in the middle of the throw, hitting the players in the middle of these animations. His attacks may seem ruthless, but he has a very limited radius of action, and he will not chase a player at too much speed if he decides to move away to make a sip.

How to defeat the knightly burned in Stormhill Evergaol

Access to the Knight Morning can be obtained by entering Evergal in Stormhilla. Access to it can be obtained by passing to the West, and then south from Gatefront, heading for the rock. If players die, their lost runes can be restored. Outside arena, that they died, therefore there is no need to return to restore something. Most attacks of Boss with his sword can be parried, but players will need to roll back from his way. Attacks tail . This dive attack can be avoided, or roll into it, or roll in the same direction at the right time to apply a few shots.

Vertical swing

Crucible Knight Boss Fight (No Damage) [Elden Ring]

The most basic attacks that will perform the Knight of the Morning are basic attacks. front as well as lateral swing . This attack has no continuation and requires only one deviation or block before the player can attack. This stroke can be parried and it is easy to notice, as the boss will raise his sword before hitting the punch vertically and side. The end of the zamach will be directed to the right, which will allow you to catch the players in the middle of their coup animation. The best way to get around it is to avoid the Boss itself or go to his back to apply a few shots. Instead, long-range players can attack during animation while they are far enough.

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blow shield

The attack of the boss when he keeps his shield, provoke it to execute Blow shield . Melee players can hit the shield once, and as soon as Crucible Knight strikes the shield, they can turn over. With attack And immediately make a rolling attack for more damage. Telegraph for attack is noticeable, as it has a sound and visual signal for it. The boss will hold the shield to cover your body, making a clumsy sound before attack. Far-Fight Characters may have problems with the boss, which all the time protects, but provoke this attack while in the near battle, – an effective way to make them weaken their protection after the end of the animation.

Double Slash

The most common CRUCIBLE KNIGHT combination is a combination of two blows. It starts with horizontal swings Then the same vertical swing . Both have the same time to throw, and both can be parried . Telegraph for this is that the Knight of the Morning positions his sword towards himself, preparing weapons to the silence. Rolling to the boss or to his rear will give a player time for additional blows. For long-running builds, the optimal time to use shells is to lure this attack in the near battle, and then quickly run away until it is still swinging. Sometimes the third wave will happen, but if the player is behind the boss, he will always wave.

stump and combo out of three blows

The most difficult thing in the first phase of the battle is to evade the attack of Crucible Knight. Stroke and combo from three shots. Pedia is a large range, but you can use it. After that, the topotter frontal blow followed by deferred scrolling , that is, then immediately followed second sweep . Running from strike, long-range players can start running back, while the boss is stuck in animation with three blows. This is a great opportunity to attack several times until they raise the shield again. For melee players, it requires greater evasion. After row, the first frontal kick can roll or avoid rolling back. The deferred attack is complex, but after some practice it is easy to understand when you need to quit. The third blow requires a throw almost immediately after the previous impact.

Additional attacks of the second phase

That a shield Attack is more often accompanied by other combo in the second phase. Also, vertical swing as well as Double sinking damn Attacks may be accompanied by fast punch tail . Evasion to the tail is the best way to avoid damage, but players can be difficult to get damage, since Crucible Knight is much more aggressive during the second phase. After the crazy tail there is a short window in which players can attack or treat. Crucible Knight can also use the punch of the tail after stall . After each impact of the tail there is time to cause damage, but very short.

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Diving Ataka

The Knight of the Morning can jump into the air, placing the wings before divering on the player. This can be avoided in two ways. The easiest way to avoid this is to run to the boss during the animation. If you have enough time to get under it, he will not be able to hit the player. If there is not enough time, rolling in Picking attack is the safest way to avoid it. For players who want a more risky game, they can rolling with attack, moving along with the boss while it landed, and the time to spend one or two attacks. This attack may occur at the end of any of its combo and can create a large distance and a chance of healing.

Double Skim Tail

The last move in the Arsenal of the Knight Morning has a large area of ​​action. Strength tail . It will make a second napkin immediately after the first. The first blow has a decent range, approximately at the distance of two throws. The second blow has a much greater range, it can hit long-range players or interrupt long-range treatment. In the near battle, players can dodge both of these tails and have time to attack it before he proceeds to other combo. For fallen battle characters, they have enough time for attack after strikes, if they prefer to stay in the middle proximity to the attack. Otherwise, escape from this attack to replenish FP reserves or create arrows, is a safe option.

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