The shooting places of The Witcher season 3 are revealed

Netflix is ​​ready to start filming the season 3 of The Brujo soon, and it seems that the cast and the team will return to Europe. According to Redanian intelligence, the series will be filmed in three European countries: Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. The medium expects the filming to begin in Tirol del Sur, Italy, before moving to Slovenia and ending in Croatia. None of this information has been officially confirmed by Netflix, so readers must take it with caution. Giving some credibility to these reports, Redanian Intelligence has pointed out that Freya Allen, who plays Princess Cirilla, was recently seen at the Versace Fashion Parade, located near the South Tyrol.

REDANIAN INTELLIGENCE previously pointed out that the filming would begin in March and expects things to end around July or August. However, fans will still have to wait a while, since it is when post-production will begin. Of course, everything depends on whether production or not significant delays, as we saw with season 2. The filming of the second season of the series was quite difficult, for several reasons. The pandemic of Coronavirus caused numerous delays and the Star Henry Cavill suffered a serious tear in the ham tendon that caused changes in the filming calendar of his action scenes. Fortunately, season 2 received mostly strong praise from both critics and the public when it finally premiered.

Based on the books of Andrzej Sapkowski and videogames developed by CD Projekt Red, The Brujo has found a passionate audience in the last two years. Time The Brujo is likely that season 3 is not released for a while, the production continues The Witcher: Origin of blood ended at the end of last year, and the series will debut at some point of 2022. The series will serve as a prequisite of The Brujo, adjusted 1200 years before the events of the first season of the program. It remains to be seen if the program will have the same attraction power without stars like Cavill and Allen, but at least, fans will have something to get them out of trouble!

Everything We Know About The Witcher Season 3

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