Board Game Recommendation Paleo: Great fun

What makes the great fascination behind online role games? Are it the game worlds with countless lore details? The cool Loot, which you just like to showcase? Is it the journey that you have completed together with your game character from the shirt-resisted sausage to epic Hero? Or are it perhaps the myriads to quests and minor activities that every good online RPG has to offer?

All these aspects certainly play an important role in which World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Teso and Consorts are played over long periods of millions of people. But probably the most important factor for the groos of the gameschaft of such games is certainly the strong interaction that they convey. Together you join in guilds and alliances, masters instances, puts strong bosses and meets in the virtual worlds to beautiful, entertaining hours.

Paleo Review - A Queen of the Stone Age

But it does not always have to be the role-play server on which one denies adventure together. If it takes you again after a leisurely round in an analog game with friends and family, We have palea a good board game recommendation for you , which was named 2021 to the connoisseurs game of the year. In this cooperative adventure of Peter Rustemeyer for 2 to 4 players, she carries together a tribe of primary people to success – unless he falls victim to the many dangers of the Stone Age.

How does Paleo work?

In Paleo, each player assumes a group of the common tribe, with which he explores various areas during the day, collects raw materials, animals expressed, dangers defiance, making tools and still a lot more. At night, on the other hand, it is about feeding the tribe and to fulfill certain missions that mostly cost valuable raw materials. The framework conditions are very simple: the goal of the game is to get five victory points through various tasks and thus to complete a cave painting. However, it has to succeed before the trunk is based on, which is symbolized by collecting five skull platelets. The game material of Paleo is highly processed and chic designed. In the picture everything is to see what is needed for a game. Source: Hans in Happiness Verlag

The expiration of the adventure is played by various, varied event cards, which are evenly distributed to all players. These cards explore the players in trains until the card stack is used up at all and the day is over. The trick here: At the beginning of a train, each player each takes three action cards hidden from the stack and then only decide on the card backs, which makes the trunk.

Although the back of a card gives information about what you can expect, you can never know it. In river areas, the tribe possibly meets wild, in the forest is often wood to find and in the mountains, the prime men can get valuable stones. But as well, unimagined dangers such as stone strikes or aggressive animals also lurk on the ticket fronts. Only in the camp is you always safe and can enlarge the trunk, make tools or make new ideas.

Strong together

Accordingly important is a good agreement in Paleo and it is always necessary to make interesting decisions. Who explores which area? Which raw materials are urgently needed? Who risks a fight for potentially valuable prey? And above all: what tasks are denied together? Because on the ticket fronts are different actions. Often the capability tests of various kinds. In many situations, however, there is also the possibility to do something with his group itself, to help the group of another player and thus combine all the skills, people and tools. Here, the cooperative approach of Paleo shines, because only together the tribe can survive and for many tasks the interaction is necessary.

During the tag phase, the players decide based on the map back between three event maps (bottom left in the picture). Source: PC Games A mammoth hunting requires, for example, a lot of can and efforts, but in return waving thick prey. Human action is therefore a central aspect during a game of paleo and even short-term bonuses must be weighed towards long-term hedge. So you can pick up a berry bush to secure food and wood for the community, but this ends up the card in the cemetery and thus leaves for the rest of the game.

Or you take only a few berries and thus little food with, but the bush stays for future days and can be used again and again. In addition, Paleo offers a very good sense of progress. While on the first matchday with his small, poorly equipped group of people with difficult challenges, the same event on the third or fourth day is suddenly no problem anymore. Page 1 Paleo – How does the board game work? Page 2 Paleo – makes the fun? Page 3 picture gallery to board game Recommendation Paleo: Great fun Next page next page To the gallery to the homepage

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