Destiny 2: Trust is based on reciprocity – all regions

In our Guide to the Destiny-2-Quest “Trust is based on reciprocity” you will learn:


  • Where you can find all region chests in the throne world

For the multi-part quest “Trust is based on reciprocity” you have to find the golden region chests in the throne world – the normal chests in the game world bring no quest progress. So that you can do this quest steps quickly, we show you the exact locations of all region chests in the individual areas.

Aight: not wondering, on some screenshots, the chests are not visible because we had already opened them.

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All region chests in the Morast: Locations

1. Region chest in the Moras

From the spawnpunkt at Fynch on the mountain along towards the fluorescent channel to the first white building . The region chest can be found on the roof of the building.

2. Region chest in the Moras

Come from the spawnpunkt at Fynch direction northeast. The chest is on the map directly above the Morast lettering . To find the chest, you have to look up, it is on a small platform on the huge rock.

3. Region chest in the Moras

The third region chest in the morass can be found at the big white gate, which represents the transition to Savath√Ľn’s palace. Let yourself on the bridge behind the gate left or right on the small platforms on the wall. The region chest is in a small reception directly under the gate.

All regions chests in Miasma: Locations

1. Region chest in Miama

The first chest in Miasma hides pretty centrally in the area – on the map a bit south of the Miasma lettering. She finds her in a small cave at the point where the ether ritual event takes place.

2. Region chest in Miama

In the southeast of Miasma you will find a big tower ruin . At the top of one of the platforms awaits you the Golden Region Chest.

3. Region chest in Miama

The third chest can be found in a cave in the northeast of Miasma. Drive on the cliff north to the little indentation on the map – there is the cave entrance , which leads you to the region chest.

All region chests in the fluorescent channel: localities

1. Region chest in the fluorescent channel

In the southeast of the fluorescent canal, the first region’s chest awaits you. If you drive from the morass to the canal, keep right on the wall until you come to the spot with the three little towers . Looks from the right turret to the wall right there and the Golden Region Chest should fall into the eye directly.

2. Region chest in the fluorescent channel

Go to the great main entrance of Savath√Ľn’s palace in the fluorescent channel. If you look at the entrance, turn left to the tower with the bowl on top, from which flows from water down. Let yourself fall down at the edge, the Golden Region Chest is down in the tower.

3. Region chest in the fluorescent channel

In the northeast you will find three turrets again (just like the first chest in the fluorescent channel). The third region chest is on the middle small tower . Not wondering, the chest can not be opened so easily. You have to stand as far as possible on the edge of the tower on the side of the chest, so you can open it.

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