GENSHIN IMPACT: When will the dendro element arrive? Everything we know about this new power

EVERYTHING WE KNOW ABOUT DENDRO EXPLAINED! Upcoming Dendro Characters | Genshin Impact
GENSHIN IMPACT Do not stop growing with each of the updates that the game is receiving. There are more and more features, missions, characters and possibilities in the world of Teyvat. However, one of the most expected additions by players is getting waiting for a barbarity. We talk about the element dendro , the seventh and last (at the moment) existing in the game. We have seen it in enemies and has been specially speculated with him, but the developers endure the set with solvency and maintain the mystery on their arrival.

The dendro element in Genshin Impact

The launch of the seventh element remains a mystery. We know that Dendro will be characterized by dominate the power of nature and that has been talking about him from the same launch of the title. However, there is no playable character that is capable of using it yet. A situation that does not prevent us from knowing some of the reactions of it. For example, combined with pyro , he is able to create a fire that can inflict area.

It has even been rumored for more than a year with some characters that will be able to use this element in the future. Baizhu , currently present in the game as NPC, it is one of the candidates to occupy the position. We also know the case of yao yao , filtered more than twelve months ago as a future project of Mihoyo that has not yet seen the light. However, not everything are bad news: this time yes, the element dendro could be about to arrive.

When will the dendro element be?

We dreamed of the dendro characters in the first versions and we disappointed, we did it when it came inazuma and we stayed with the same feeling, but it seems that the third is overcome. The arrival of the future region of Sumeru would be the perfect opportunity for the launch of the new characters capable of unleashing the power of this element. A situation that according to the filtrations would take place on the occasion of the next patch 3.0 that we could expect for the end of next summer , attending to the frequency of updates of Genshin Impact.

Throughout the game, different characters have referenced the Arconer Dendro as one of the youngest priests in Teyvat’s world. In addition, they provide different clues about the relationship of it with the aforementioned region of Sumeru. These are all these circumstances that make us think that this time we are facing the definitive opportunity for the arrival of these characters in the new region. There should be about three updates in Inazuma before we leave it definitively or temporarily to discover the power of nature. Who knows, maybe there is even surprise and this great update marks the arrival of the game to switch… for dreaming that it does not stay.

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