FC Augsburg: 1: 0 against Bielefeld Thanks to Weinzierl

“We were ready from the beginning,” said Siegtorschützer Daniel Caligiuri first at Dazn. After the 1-0 of his FCA against Arminia Bielefeld, however, he also gave to: “We did not come so outstandingly, but have fought us in the game.”

A statement with truth content. With increasing playing time, the Fuggerstädter became more active and had already a huge chance before the break by Michael Gregoritsch, but the Austrian worked to surprise and awarded.

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But how did Augsburg achieved the slow acquisition of game control at the latest after restarting? Caligiuris Simple Answer was: “We were better in the two fights in it.” The underscore coach Markus Weinzierl, who also spoke, just earned “due to the second half”.

We did it really well, a goal achieved and everything defends what has come to us.

Markus Weinzierl over the second half

“We did it really well, a goal achieved and everything defends what’s going on,” weinzierl outlined and was right. The reason for this was also a changeover. “We started at the front, the Arminia did not get along and we were very good in the game.” Keeper Rafal Gikiewicz added that Bielefeld had little chance and “otherwise beaten only long balls”. In short, “Due to our tight rooms, nothing happened.”

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Gikiewicz after top performance “Happy

Augsburg also left hardly quiet phases for Bielefeld. “That was a very intense game and you have seen the team absolutely wanted,” weinzierl said. Especially the numerous sprints highlighted the coach and praised the team after the second away win this season for a “very good” performance, for which Keeper Gikiewicz also made the “experience with such situations” in the relegation battle. The pole was also happy with the seventh game without conceding this season and praised: “That was a top performance of the team.”

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