Misgots Warrior Boss Guide: How To Defeat Morgotten Warrior and Crucible Knight in Elden Ring

You have arrived on the square Castle of rods on the outer foothills of Caelid in Elden Ring and place some terrible enemies in front of you. Maybe you are successfully infiltrated and either quite torn to survive for so long, or have prepared yourself well and so far defeated every enemy. But the big challenge of the castle is right in front of the fog, an encounter with two bosses that will prove pretty challenging. The next fight is with the failed warriors in a gladiator confrontation between man and animal, but then the champion, the crucible knight crashes and makes it even more dangerous. Continue reading for our guide How To Defeat Morgotten Warrior and Crucible Knight in Elden Ring!

Morgotten Warrior Boss Guide: How To Defeat Morgotten Warrior and Crucible Knight in Elden Ring

First priority: Defeat the Missegott warrior

How to defeat Crucible Knight and Misbegotten Warrior - Elden Ring

You enter the Arena and the Misbegotten Warrior sees seemingly alone on you Use the simple graduation , and while you fight, the Crucible Knight follows, so do this initial enemy quickly. The Misgots Warrior does not have too many striking attacks, but can quickly close the distance to you and is quite deadly. It attacks you, is fast, aggressive and has deadly sword and pesticular attacks that can stun and can do if you are not watching. If you wear a big shield that can withstand strokes of it, keep it upright, but turn off when stating to prevent it breaks through your cover.

You want Avoid it to stay too close too long to stumble it and storm for melee damage or occasional matches Heavy weapons What’s pretty effective, or guerrilla magic / projectile attacks. A recommendation, even for magic users, is the equipment Ash of War: Stormstamp at least on their main weapon and keep their magical weapon at hand. The pound stuns the monster and allows you a few free attacks. You can build enough attacks to break his attitude and also achieve a powerful critical goal as it has a low defense. You have to do this monster before the Crucible Knight connects, though this boss fortunately catch up slowly, so that you can kite the warrior away if you have to.

Second priority: Survive the Crucible Knight

The Crucible Knight is bulky, defensive, and wears a large sign that destroys almost all attacks, so you bait him to use one of them his slow strokes that lower his shield at which point you can attack. While his initial rapprochement is slow, he can unleash fatal attacks, and as soon as they have reduced him to half of his HP, he can fly for a flying impact on the battlefield, which can be easily devoured, which remains unprotected. If they are fighting in melee, he will probably use a golden crash attack that meets close up to medium distance and sweep right from left to right. So if you see the tail, turn out or race back. In a quarter HP, he becomes even more aggressive, especially in cockholes and flying attacks.

for Magic users

If you choose magic as your approach, Let him attack and try to get an angle where you can perform many attacks and then race . Wear many sky blue tears . If he leads his sword on bothhandom, he is also wide open for a barrier, so choose your fastest and strongest attacks, stop and throw away. This will be a fight for chip damage, but the Crucible Knight has no real answer for Magic users, unless he creates it in the melee.

for carvers

As already treated in our guide to a separate Crucible Knight encounter, many of its attacks can be parped , and you can wait for its combos until it goes when he exposes. This phase of the fight works well with fast, powerful blows, but as soon as they brought him to half the HP, they prepare for a lot of dodge and to survive his fast attacks. In contrast to the Missgotten Warrior, this boss has longer breaks between combos, so uses it and tires him.

Victory boat

You win the fight and will be with the reward ruins great sword , a fantastic heavy weapon with solid starch scaling, which requires 50 strength to lead them. In addition, you get to know each other witch hunters Jerren which will be important later.

This makes our guide completed How to defeat Missgotten Warrior and Crucible Knight in Elden Ring! This is a hard encounter and belongs to the soaring struggles in the game, and it is not a shame if you want a co-op Partner the aggro of these bosses divided. Check out more guides like this and fall into new adventures across Caelid and beyond. Home / Players / Misgots Warrior Boss Guide: How To Defeat Morgotten Warrior and Crucible Knight in Elden Ring

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