Prison in the Gladbach Block

In the fan block of Borussia Mönchengladbach, the Bundesliga game in the VfB Stuttgart (2: 3) came to clashes between fans with each other and between trailers and folders.

According to VfB, there was also injured. How many people were affected was not announced.

“The VFB Stuttgart dissocates itself from the violence that is visible in a video spread in the network,” wrote the Swabia on Sunday. In the video can be seen how folders get bought on viewers.

Both clubs were in exchange, said the Swabia, sighted the material and would work up the processes together. According to VfB, the collecting image material and testimonies of both fans and employees of the regulatory service have started on Saturday night.

Ordner boxen Fans aus dem Block! (nach dem Spiel) | Stuttgart - Mönchengladbach 3:2

There are still the clubs to get a “gapless image”. The police did not want to comment on “SID” request, the occurrences did not comment on, it was only: “Corresponding hints are already available at the Stuttgart police and are checked.”

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