Will Pokemon soon beired from Ash Ketchum?

Is pokémon Is the anime preparing to say goodbye soon from Ash Ketchum? Viajes pokémon has been an iteration of the anime markedly different from what fans have seen before, since it has not limited Ash to explore only the newest region of Galar, but all the regions that the videogame franchise has introduced to date. This has opened the series not only to link canonical events of previous seasons in this latest entry, but also makes it look like Ash is in a kind of victory tour while opening the way in the larger tournament in which he has participated until now.


That is the name of the game for Viajes Pokémon. Ash is assuming the greatest challenges of him until now when he faces family and rival gymnasium leaders of the past in the world series of coronation. He is adding Favorite Pokémon from the fans of all the years to his team, as Lucario and Gene Gengar, and has set his gaze at his rival more challenging so far, the real world champion at the top of all, Leon. Now that Ash had officially achieved his main goal of becoming champion of the League in Sun and Moon, what would be about to do after he finishes this series? Could this be for Ash?

Notably viajes Pokémon has also introduced GOH in the anime. The series has done a lot to consolidate GOH as anime deuteogonist and, unlike other travel companions in the past, GOH has had its own episodes in which he was the main star. The goal of GoH to catch all Pokémon has also had precedent on Ash in some remarkable episodes, as well as in the battles of the Ash World Coronation Series, see it raising several places in the ranks with each new victory (and by So, it is less necessary to show it on the screen).

With all this of Goh, the series could be preparing to pass torch completely in some way. Ash trips are also closing a circle with many important faces and Pokémon from the past of him, and everything will come to a critical point in one of the larger battles of him so far. So, after all this, what could Ash be to do? If the anime of Pokémon says goodbye to Ash, it will not be as sudden as put an end to Pokémon Journeys when pokémon scarlet and violet release. It will be more gradual than that.

Just as this anime has pushed Ash more and more to the side, the next one will make a little more. Then the next one after that. So Pokémon is just saying goodbye to Ash at this time, but he will soon. What do you think? Do you think the Anime de Pokémon is preparing to say goodbye to Ash? Is it possible that Ash leave the anime after all these years? Let us know all the thoughts of him about it in the comments! You can even communicate with me directly about all animated things and other great things. @Valdezology on Twitter!

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