“Time at Manchester United is finished”: Hard criticism of Cristiano Ronaldo

Even if Cristiano Ronaldo is not in the square, he is the dominant theme at Manchester United. “Sky” expert Dietmar Hamann starts a switching to the superstar due to its most recently shown.

Manchester United received significantly the limits in Derby against Manchester City (1: 4). The Red Devils had to do without her superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who was hurt according to club details. The fact that his sister liked Instagram contributing to the United coach Ralf Rangnick to lie on the health of the 37-year-old, caused another swirl.

According to information of the “dominant theme Image”, however, the relationship between the Portuguese and his coach is “alright”, even if he was most recently felt or replaced by the bank. For the “Sky” expert Dietmar Hamann a comprehensible circumstance. The 48-year-old falls in the “dominant theme Image” a clear verdict in relation to the superstar: “Ronaldos Time at United is over.”

In the first round he had “many important goals” shot, but “the big whole” also has to work. For Jan-Aage Fjörtoft, the problems are still clear elsewhere. “At Manchester United, you are just asking yourself: Who should serve him?” Asks the Norwegian and Haaland-trusted. His teammates did not have the necessary level and “that’s how Cristiano Ronaldo thinks,” the former SGE professional speculated.

Hamann criticizes Ronaldos behavior

Hamann also criticizes the team and Will CR7 “not give the sole blame”. Nevertheless, he denounces the behavior of the 37-year-old. “But with increasing age, however, Ronaldo is obviously harder to accept mistakes of players. With his off, his body language he does not do the team,” said the ex-Liverpool professional clearly.

The problem Cristiano Ronaldo is creating at Manchester United
“50 goals per season” could justify such a behavior, but he does not achieve it anymore. Anyway, Ronaldo would have “not dared” such behavior at Real Madrid, as he had players like Toni Kroos, Luka Modric or Casemiro. “I think he feels that he is too good for this team of United – but he is not anymore,” Hamann continued.

It remains exciting whether Ronaldo will really stay beyond summer in Manchester. Currently, it is crisp in many ways. Whether the Hamann has nevertheless come too early, remains to be seen.

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