Glasner looks at Borre the “tendency upwards”

In Spain, it ran miserably: As Rafael Santos Borré in the 52nd Time for Eintracht Frankfurt against Betis Seville at the level of 2: 1 on the penalty, he had the decision before him. But the Colombian pushed the ball weak towards Left corner, Betis-Keeper Claudio Bravo parished the penalty. Frankfurt brought the 2: 1 over time and may hope for the entry into the quarterfinals of the Europa League, but Borré had a larger lead several times on the foot. The access of the past summer took place in front of the gate chance for Chance – Glasner-Note 5.

claudio bravo le tapa penal a borre

Of course, Borré also starts again at the next penalty, Sge-coach Oliver Glasner now emphasized against the game against VfL Bochum next Sunday (kick-off 5.30 pm, live! At Glasner). The 26-year-old is not unsettled by the misfire. “I talked to him and it’s all right. Rafael made a good game and he is a valuable player for us in many areas,” Glasner presented his own view of Borrés performance on Thursday.

After all, including the penalty, Borré recorded four good opportunities in southern Spain. “He did not have so many clear scoring chances as in this game. That’s a sign for me for a tendency upwards,” analyzed Glasner. Especially since the offensive player was successful at the 4: 1 against Hertha BSC and for the first time since the 2: 3 against Borussia Dortmund met back to the end of the year.

“He moved very well into the interfaces. It was a topic that he attacked these rooms even more,” reveals Glasner. That worked well in Seville. For Borré, the Austrian now was a bit of patience. “Step One is that you come as a striker to scoring chances,” emphasizes Glasner, but also: “Step two is that you also use it.” The task on Sunday evening against Bochum is therefore clear.

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