Jahn-Coach Selimbegovic: “If we do not soon score …”

Only a victory (3: 0 in Sandhausen) marks the path of the Jahn since the 15th matchday, since then the protégés of Mersad Selimbegovic had only a meter. Even at the last game in Aue (0: 1), it had not succeeded in reversing the trend.

He felt a reaction during the week, Selimbegovic said at the press conference on Thursday. His team was self-critical with the performance in the Erzgebirge, with the training services, the 39-year-old was satisfied. Now the implementation should also work in the game, “all demanded”.

Most recently one had not been uncomfortable for the opponent, not snappy, SELIMBEGOVIC confessed, but now there is no alibis anymore. The Jahn coach appeals to the basic, “give out of the place and full throttle” and must be the motto in Karlsruhe.

Jahn-Coach Mersad Selimbegovic?:

Public Forces Breitkreuz and Singh fall out

That very probably Steve Breitkreuz (cold) and Sarpreet Singh (pubic) can not be there again and also the attacked Leon Guwara as well as Kaan Caliscan (ankle) are no options, pleased Selimbegovic not: “That was better,” said He lapidar. But with which staff always, with regard to the approach of the Oberpfälzer in the Wildpark, calls on the Bosnier: “We have to try to take our game because it’s about who can push his stamp to the game.”

Six counters is currently the projection on Dynamo Dresden, which is on the relegation place. Selimbegovic knows about the ever-expanding situation and does not talk about the hot pulp for a long time: “If we do not score soon, it will not be in our hands soon.”

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