DFB vice-president wants to work up past

The new Vice-President Silke Siching wants to work for a work-up of the scandals of the German Football Federation (DFB) of recent years.

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“It is important to work out the past. This is guilty of all people at the base,” said Sinning in “Deutschlandfunk”.

Many mistakes have been made. “You can not change that anymore, but you can learn from the mistakes,” said the doctoral German Footballs scientist: “And I also think that’s important for a new beginning to make it clear, the mistakes that have happened in the past who have We recognized, and then we hope that these mistakes do not happen again. “

Simpinging had prevailed in the election on Friday against the controversial long-term functionary Rainer Koch. She belonged to the team of the inferior presidential candidate Peter Peters and had only decided in the morning to compete with a defeat of Peters. From the voting result of 163: 68 votes she was “overwhelmed”.

“I have to find myself myself, talks must seek talks with all those involved there,” said Sizing: “All were very open to me. I think that will be a good cooperation.”

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