Ittrich admits wrong decision: “Anger me diminish”

At the end there was a 3-0 for ascent candidate Kaiserslautern, who even classified guest coach Rüdiger Ziehl as “deserves”. Although the louder can opener had well taken care of for discussions: the Philip Hercher outstanding on Saturday had forwarded the ball with his hand to scorer Terrence Boyd.

“I was unintentionally with his hand on the ball, I’m sorry too,” Hercher, who had apologized after the game for Patrick Ittrich referee. This oversight the hand game. Zehl equipped: “The goal is annoying, but in the stadium no one has seen that it was a hand game.”

Nevertheless, ITTRICH reported to speak Via Twitter in the evening. “The 1-0 for the FCC was actually irregular. I did not see the intentional handpiel extension. There was a player in front of it,” the Bundesliga referee confessed: “I annoyed me extensively and the TSV Havelse too! But that is refereeing Make mistakes and admit them. “

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Kaiserslautern is with now 56 points second, with four points ahead on pursuer Saarbrücken. Talk light Havelse stops at 22 counters.

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