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Everything started with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The Dortmund scored at the beginning of the 2015/16 Tor season – and therefore was allowed to serve for the first Instagram post of the Instagram. Aubameyang had hit the day before in the seventh Bundesliga game since the beginning of the season. After the release for the first Instagram post was done, the post office went online via the new record. A little nervousness at the crucial click? Clear. However, you look back on the range of reach, the followers are very manageable compared to today: Good 1000 people followed the Instagram, 60 people pressed “Like”. The reactions were positive: “Hello Instagram, nice that you are now there!”, It was sometimes.

The first post office went online on September 28, 2015. Instagram Instagram

The highly growing user number in Germany was at the time of the decisive point to be present to Instagram as a brand Instagram. Previously, a team felt five formats and a design together. The implementation took place manually in Photoshop. It was not so easy to keep the overview in stressful phases: spelling mistakes, numbers of numbers, and then the image selection – of course also one or other mistakes landed on the net.

With the number of followers also the team is growing

Therefore, the Instagram now uses the tools that are based on data feeds to avoid volatility errors. The selection of topics and graphics has always been more colorful: from simple outcome graphics to elaborate contributions, which require a lot of research and graphic design. All this happens in collaboration with the digital and data editor.

The Instagram follower is also to receive information on Instagram, which he does not get anywhere else. In addition, the number of contributions grew: The aim was at the beginning three to five posts per day, meanwhile it is sometimes 20 posts plus stories. No wonder that the two-man team, which was first thrown more or less to the cold water, could no longer handle this amount alone with the support of the editors. The team has now grown to six employees who take care of social media almost around the clock.

A popular category: the review of memorable games, here still in an older design. Instagram Instagram

The design of the posts has also changed over time. Often the redesign initially pushed at little counter-love among the users. Receivables such as “back to the old design” were loud – but at some point both the users and the social media editors got used to it.

山本美月が魔法少女に!八村塁はスニーカー沼に… Instagramブランドキャンペーン「LOVE YOUR LOVE 好きっていいね。」

The Instagram appearance is thus in a constant spagat: to transport the values ​​and traditions of the Instagram and at the same time being open to new formats – not always easy, but it succeeds. For example, during the 2018 World Cup, a new story format online, where the users could ask the reporters who were live on site. These were then answered in the story. The play-free time due to the Corona pandemic had to be bridged, insights into the editorial life created remedy.

Terodde wishes goalkeeper cannon

Stimulated on Instagram further goalkeeper cannons: Simon Terodde. Instagram Simonterodde9

It also applies to the contact with players and unite via smartph1. While the fax in the editors became the communication means of choice, Instagram has now served as a direct wire. From complaints supposedly to bad Instagram notes to praise and a dissatisfied goalkeeper everything is there.

When the then Cologne Simon Terodde became a second division scorer for the third time, he shared the homemade goalkeeper cannon of his wife on his Instagram account and turned to the Instagram: “Dear Instagram, dear DFL, already for the third time my wife has my wife 2.Liga goalkeeper cannon gifted. I would be glad if in the future also the second and third league scorer gets an official cannon of you. ” And really – in the fall of 2019, the Instagram called the “goalkeeper cannon for all”, which will now be awarded the best goalies of the respective amateur countries from the current season.

Torjäger with suggestions for improvement, technical problems, communication with readers, unpredictable games, faulty graphics, happiness and suffering – the challenges remain. Also in 2022.

The current design. Instagram Instagram

Now, six years after the Instagram entered the scene with Aubameyang, the big one is in front. But how is this milestone on? It is clear: The Instagram wants to inform and entertain his followers in the future with unique content. The future will probably bring changes – but who would have thought in October 2015, where the journey would lead with “this Instagram”?

Here directly to the Instagram channel of the Instagram!

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