TESO: “Ascending Tide”

The lost DLC “Ascending Tide” and Update 33 are now on PC, Mac and Stadia live. On Xbox One and PlayStation, the extension will not appear until March 29, 2022. With the update, the update open two new left your goals that you can explore with your friends. In Coralhorst, the new year-round Teso adventure “Legacy of the Bretons” , which finally leads us to the high island. The remote island is the home of chivalrous bretons that need the help of our heroes to stop a dangerous usurper.

“Ascending Tide” collector package. Source: Zenimax “Ascending Tide” is included in ESO Plus, but you can buy the extension but also with crowns in the crown shop. The DLC is available for 1,500 crowns in the crown shop. For 4,000 crowns, there is the big “ascending tide” collector package. It comprises the DLC player expansion, the gray sail-howler as a riding, the IlaCbucht crab as a companion and five crowns of learning.

The developer team of The Elder Scrolls Online recently released a comprehensive overview for the new DLC and Update 33. We have summarized all the important information for you. If you want to know more about “Ascending Tide” and “Legacy of Bretons”, then read through our comprehensive Teso-Special .

DLC extension “Ascending Tide”

Experiences two new, daring adventures with your PVE troupe in the coralhorst and in the grief of the shipbuother. Both night for four players tell independent stories and also ring your year-round adventure “Legacy of Bretons”.
On to the coralhorst! Unreleved the mysterious orders of the empage. Source: Zenimax

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Storming a secret hiding place of the enigmatic order of the empage and saves the daring villains Jakarn in the coralhorst below the island home of the high elves. Together with Captain Kaleen together and explore the breathtaking coral formations and elfenruins of the place, while they fight your way through both the new inhabitants of the cave and the originally resident monsters.
Survive the eerie remnants of the shipbuilder’s gram. Source: Zenimax

Gram of the shipbuother

It is said that the grief of the shipbuilder was one of the shipyards for the legendary fleet of all flags. But now the dilapidated investors and dilapidated factory halls are home unsteaded dead, grim spirits and gray sail pirates. Of course, the Khajiit Captain Za’ji does not stop on this spooling place in search of improvements for his beloved ship, the perfect leap, to see!

How do I start my new adventure?

Once your access to the “Ascending Tide” DLC, you can begin the following for your adventure “Legacy of Bretons”:

  • Teleportes directly about your card in the two new night
  • Uses the group search
  • Goes to the entrances of the lease: coralhorst on summer end and grief of the shipbuilder in wing tip

And finally, you just get the facial painting of the abysed hug when entering one of the two night!

Source: Zenimax Source: Zenimax

Update 33: Updating the basic game

Together with Ascending Tide, Update 33 is published as a patch for the basic game, a free update with new bug fixes, balance changes, performance improvements and features.
Turns new rewards in “Ascending Tide”. Source: Zenimax

Accounting achievements

To ensure that the power of Teso remains stable, while we add new content to the game, most of the achievements are accounted with update 33. So you earn a new achievement with a your character, it can be evaluated as well as deserved by all. This also changes how the skill line of the intrepid is driven forward. Your rank now increases, while your quests concludes in Daily and daily tasks for intrepid. More about this big change on the achievement system is you experiencing in our preview articles and in the questions & answers in the forum.
The style of the dragon guard Berserkers. Source: Zenimax

NEW PVP Rewards

Update 33 also introduces a powerful new item that you can earn you when you get your righteous pay for the PVP. These three new sets (battles, capp splitter and enervation aura) open up new species, as your character can play on the battlefields, in Cyrodiil and in the imperial city. In addition, all PVP players can get styles for the armor of the Drachengarden Berserker by replacing the Tel’Var dealer in the sewer of the Kaiserstadt Tel’Var stones (prerequisite: Alliance Rank 20).

(Source: Teso)

If you want to know more about “Ascending Tide” and Update 33 for Teso (Buy Now 49.99 €), then looks at the official forum . There you can read the latest Patnotes and inform you about the upcoming year-round adventure “Concentration of Bretons”. In the new chapter, the Elder Scrolls is on a mysterious island on a mysterious island on which we can get to know the ancient homeland of Bretons and experience a society on the edge of the war on nobility and chivalricity. To home page to the gallery

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