Wolff over stages Vs. Hamilton: “Tension stops”

“I found my peace. I’m full of the head with the upcoming season with the all-round new regulations,” said the 50-year-old Austrian of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

After a questionable decisions of the then race director Michael Masi, the Mercedes-Pilot Lewis Hamilton lying in December last year in Abu Dhabi had lost the World Cup title on the last lap at Max in Red Bull.

Lewis Hamilton & Wolff SPEAKS On Michael Masi Sacking

“Serial winner Mercedes and Hamilton were not particularly popular”

“These events, and the desire to make wrong again, has released security energy,” said Wolff. “And let’s be honest: the serial winner Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton were not very popular before.”

The duel stipen against Hamilton is the World Cup theme before the start on Sunday in Bahrain. “Everyone now wants to know how it goes on with the duel Hamilton vs. stappen. Normally you talk about a race for three days. But the tension but this final stops,” Wolff was. “The show and entertainment are all very essential for us. And a serial winner is certainly not more attractive.”

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