CORTUS explains game break: “Simply alternative”

It ran the 69th minute in the friday game between Bochum and Gladbach, when a full of beer cup made from a block of home fans arbitrator assistant Christian Ggerman at the back of the head. Gittenmann sank to the ground, Cortus conducted him from the square – a quarter of an hour later, the game was officially aborted.

“A filled beverage cup from the spectator area was thrown at the resistant referee assistant,” Cortus began his explanation in front of the TV cameras. The cup made Gtiganne clearly at the head. “He was dazed, was brought to the hospital and is examined accordingly.” Florian Issue, Cortus’ Second Assistant, have accompanied Gittenmann to the hospital.

“In a dating attack on a game official, in the case of the referee assistant, a game break is simply alternative,” Cortus said clearly. Gittelmann had “under adrenaline” immediately after the incident. “If that follows, you realize it right,” Cortus castle.

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