FC Liverpool: Jürgen Klopps Special memories of Nottingham

After more than six years on the island, Jürgen Klopp enters new ground with the FC Liverpool in Nottingham.

“I’m there for the first time. I know Nottingham only from my childhood when I looked Robin Hood,” said the team manager of the FC Liverpool before the guest match of the English top club at Nottingham Forrest.

On Sunday evening (19 clock CET), Liverpool will arrive at FA Cup quarterfinals at the former European Cup winner. The concentration is considered in the city despite all memories completely the game, which is “incredibly important” according to Klopp. “We probably have no time for sightseeing, but we are still looking forward to it,” said the coach.

His team must be “mentally and physically” with the second division, stressed Klopp. Because Nottingham had it “not easy”. The Underdog switched in the current competition the FC Arsenal and Leicester City – Liverpool is warned.

Jürgen Klopp's pre-Nottingham Forest press conference
Trent Alexander-Arnold lacks the table seconds of the Premier League in the cup game. The defender falls for weeks because of a thigh injury.

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