FSV Mainz 05: Zwayer explains Toralarm

Referee Felix Zwayer has declared the goal curiosum at the Bundesliga game between the FSV Mainz 05 and Arminia Bielefeld (4: 0) with weaknesses of the art.

“The provider must evaluate that. We have heard that the system has been checked in the course of the game and that actually a malfunction has been present,” Zwayer said.

Felix Zwayer
Previously, goallining technology had an alarm signal at a header of Moussa Niakhaté, although the ball was obviously not completely behind the line. After sighting the video images on the playing edge, Zwayer had the goal for supposed 2-0 again.

The 40-year-old himself expresses the desire to look at the scene again on the video screen. “I really wanted. I wanted to make myself a picture. It also offered me the opportunity to avenge the players authentic,” Zwayer said. The Mainz Felixs Director Martin Schmidt said, “The technology has played a prank. It was a mistake of technology, which is there too.”

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