Europa League: Trainer Glasner warns Eintracht Frankfurt against recklessness

Das sagen Krösche, Glasner und Trapp I Viertelfinale gegen den FC Barcelona I Europa League

Eintracht Frankfurt warns of the Europa League in the second round of the Europa League itself. “It is 2: 1 for us – now we have to deny the second half as good and intensively as the first,” Coaches Oliver Glasner demanded before the second leg against Betis Seville on Thursday (21:00 o’clock / RTL). His team must “bring our game in the place,” said Glasner. “We do not want to lurk, not just wait, but be active and play on victory. So, as you just play at a 2-1 halftime guide on the third or fourth goal.” The personalage is “very positive, we can get out of full drawing”. The aim is to neutralize the strengths of the Spaniards. “We do not want to manage anything and do not look at the abolition of away the away and we do everything that it does not have to play a role,” said goalkeeper Kevin Trapp.

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