BVB: Haaland-Double can be used by the leash

Marius Wolf lives through Borussia Dortmund heights and depths. Currently, the sympathet dots fly to the former external candidate of the BVB. For Wolf itself, it is in the remaining Bundesliga games meanwhile no less than his future in black-yellow.

Against Arminia Bielefeld he was finally allowed to let out the wolf. At the goalkeeper, the wing player screamed out everything that put in him.

“Unleash the Wolf”, ie “let the wolf of the leash”, finally says on his Instagram channel, in which he has been stirring skillfully since then on his surname. Against the Ostwestfalen, his credo actually met once again, he counted until his replacement in the 70th minute to the best players on the field (wolf wolf-Note 1.5).

Sit in scene Marius Wolf had not only thanks to the winning goal. He was also initial generally of numerous other attacks of the team of head coach Marco Rose and one of the continuous players in the field. Three shots on the goal counted the statisticians on the one and 67 percent defensive branch vapors on the other side.

So it was the Haaland Double, as he is already mentioned by so many BVB fan of the hair splendor due to the absence of Stars for the BVB. “I also have almost the same hairstyle,” wolf admitted after the game.

However, for the truth, however, Wolf was more likely to be a quieter coach in the Dortmund pack and by no means the loud leader who suggests the instagram account.

Favre sent Wolf twice away from Dortmund

In almost every transfer phase of recent years, the 26-year-old was considered the professional in the Dortmunder Ensemble, which was one of the coating candidates. The shares were too low in his coaches Lucien Favre and Marco Rose, among which he has played since his change from Eintracht Frankfurt to the black and yellow.

Not at all ran under Favre, who sent him to Hertha shortly after the start of the season and then a year later to Cologne. Thus, Wolf was also not part of the BVB team, which won the DFB Cup under Edin Terzic 2021. Rose wolf’s wolf in the squad, but predominantly gave him the trust, if really was the man.

And so the ex-Frankfurter in the Bundesliga has so far only in the first leg against Bielefeld (3: 1) the full 90 minutes on the grass. In the DFB Cup he was allowed to remain against the FC Ingolstadt in the second round (2: 0) until shortly before the end of the game in the field before he was replaced for tactical reasons.

For the truth, however, too: Wolf would not have suffered a neck injury against the Arminia in the second leg against the Arminia, a second game had been safely added over the full distance. Shortly before the catch-up game of BVB against Mainz 05 on Wednesday (18:30 clock in the live ticker on wolf wolf ), the rail player gave after all the all-clear and thus green light for use.

Wolf wins sympathetics in the BVB environment

So that Wolf in the coming summer, if there may be another radical cure in the Dortmunder cadring, is not re-linked to the shaky candidates, he has become the important gap filler swung. The native Coburger is indifferent, at which position he is used. Whether as a right-back or in the midfield: Wolf will not doubt this season that he gives everything to fulfill his until 2024 valid contract.

His deployment will and his readiness could rarely be agreed. Not a few BVB fans therefore reward Wolf’s work attitude in the past few weeks – a property that is rather rare in all the talented footballers in the squad.

And is Marius Wolf inclined to believe if he promises the fans before the game against Mainz, give “100 percent”: “We will put on use, passion and will show and try the guys and girls who look at the game will, kick. “

For the truth, however, also belongs: Trainer Rose all players are available, WOLF is no longer part of the root formation due to his footballing qualities.

How does BVB plant with Marius Wolf?

However, as long as the BVB continues to lack the magnificent starting player week for the week, Marius Wolf has the special opportunity to recommend more at the short term for higher. His versatility ensures him in the current season basically a square square. He could possibly also exist beyond the upcoming transfer phase.

Because for the squad planner at BVB, Marius Wolf is likely to remain a very valuable puzzle part. After years of start-up difficulties, he has been able to develop a higher standing within the team. In addition, he has not yet been referred to as that professional, which makes annoying in the case of missing inserts and endanger the operating climate.

And so you hope at the BVB that the “Haaland-Double” even in the last season games is still one of the leash. Gerrit Kleichmer

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