How to use a repair torch in Fortnite

Vehicles can be useful in Fortnite to quickly run away or run away from the storm. Now there are excellent additions to vehicles with improved mods and wheels, not to mention the entrance of the tank and other special vehicles.

With new upgrades of vehicles and the need to refuel cars with gasoline, it is not appropriate that we get a solution for the repair of our damaged attractions. Repair torches are now scattered throughout the island and allow you to repair your cars and other techniques to avoid untimely explosions. That’s how to use them.

Find the repair burner

Repair torches Usually you can find Search for red boxes with tools around buildings, houses and other places. Or they can be located near garages and gas stations , especially those next to which there are car service. These are just rare items, so it should not be so difficult to find them.

Come to the damaged car

As soon as you find the repair burner, you will want to go to the transport medium You want to correct. The vehicle must be damaged to use the torch on it. You should be able to see health right above it in the green strip . Cars usually a band of health is less than that of tanks, so the repair of large vehicles can take longer.

Equip the torch and repaired

Standing next to a damaged car, Equip your repair torch Switching to it in inventory. You can do this by clicking on the right and left bumpers on the console or PC controller by pressing the corresponding digit in the slot. Then everything you need to do to repair the car is Direct the tool on the machine and hold the M1 or right trigger until the health scale is not filled. Each repair tool has 200 fuel units, so depending on what it has already used or which car you repair, it may not be enough for full maximum repair.

Use The Repair Torch to Fix a Vehicle & REPAIR TORCH LOCATIONS (Fortnite)

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