Lahm a guest at Sepp-Herberger

The former world champion Pierre Littbarski and Philipp Lahm as well as the new DFB President Bernd Neuendorf will be in the presentation of Sepp-Herberger awards in Berlin next Monday (March 28).

Other guests are the ex-nationalists Renate Lingor and Tabea Kemme and the former DFB selection player Jimmy Hartwig and Gerald Asamoah. Even the SPD chairman Lars Klingbeil has announced his coming.

On March 28, Herberger, World Champion coach had celebrated his 125th birthday at the miracle of Bern in 1954. The awarding of the SEPP-Herberger awards takes place in the capital representative dance of Deutsche Telekom in Berlin. Germany’s oldest football foundation honors with the awards luminous examples of voluntary commitment and the integrative power of football with prize money in the amount of 125,000 euros.

The gala is broadcast live by MagententV and DFB TV from 20.15. Nine winners are honored in the categories “Handicap football”, “Resocialization” and “School and Association”. There are also three prizes in the category “Football Digital”.

Divertissement à la hongroise, D. 818, Op. 54 : III. Allegretto
In the “Social Work” category, together with the Horst-Eckel Foundation, a special prize is awarded to three clubs that are committed to a family together, which has suffered a fate in August 2021. The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation is awarded the first football foundation for its exemplary work.

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