Critical Role reveals a great background story for two characters

Rol Critico has provided some amazing fragments of the background history of two Bell’s Hells members. Last week, “Critico_ held its seventh anniversary with a new episode that was issued both in critical, critical channels and select cinemark channels. While the episode served to continue the history of the incipient group of adventurers Bell’s Hells, the most surprising revelation involved the background stories of two of their characters. Be careful, since the spoilers of the Critical Role, Episode 17 campaign, Episode 17.

The first important revelation involves Laudna, the Sorceress / Sorceress Hollow One interpreted by Marisha Ray. It was previously revealed that Laudna was a whitestone resident whose family was killed during the control of that city by Briarwood before the start of the campaign 1. However, in the episode of last week, Laudna revealed that she was One of Whitestone residents who briarwood killed. and hanging from the sun tree as a warning to Vox Machina. Laudna specifically noticed that she cut her ears so that they seemed tips, which probably means that she was dressed as Keyleth (the character of Ray in the first campaign) or as Vex’ahlia.

The other great revelation involved Orym, the middle warrior played by Liam O’Brien. In previous episodes, Orym revealed that he was an Air Ashari and that he had embarked on the current mission of him after the member of Vox Machina, Keyleth, who was the leader of Air Ashari. Previously we knew that Keyleth was the goal of a failed murder, but Orym revealed in the episodes of last week that her husband Will died protecting Keyleth during the attack. The tattoo of Orym’s twin moon on her shoulder remembers her relationship with Will, since Will was the “Great Moon” and Orym was the “little moon”. Interestingly, O’Brien previously played a semi-annual fighter called Derrig during the One-shot of Dalen’s Closet who also served as Keyleth’s bodyguard. The derrig son was also called Will, so it is possible that Orym has more direct links with another of O’Brien’s characters.

While Bell’s Hells is still exploring Marquet, it definitely seems to be increasing connections between the group and the first campaign. We will have to see how these ties paid their fruits in the upcoming episodes of _rolist, _ that is transmitted every Thursday at 7 p. m. PT on Twitch.

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