Football World Cup: Amnesty International continues to see significant problems in Qatar

Amnesty International has once again established significant problems with regard to the human rights situation in the World Cup host country.

In their annual report published on Tuesday, the organization also complains of defects in working conditions for migrants, but also restrictions on freedom of expression as well as the discrimination against women or homosexuals.

Despite state reforms, working migrants 2021 have been “affected by exploitation” and “had difficulty swinging their workplace,” said it. The government has failed despite other assurances to “introduce and enforce reforms”.

“Exploitative practices” and the “worst elements” Kafala Systems continues.

In the run-up to the World Cup (21st November to 18 December), the right to freedom of expression have been further limited and vaguely used laws, “to silence critical voices,” wrote Amnesty. Women as well as lesbian, gays, bisexuals, trans- and interlayer people (LGBTI +) were therefore “discriminated by laws as well as in daily life”.

Working Conditions in Qatar Ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022

Qatar does not investigate deaths on construction sites

The Emirate has been in criticism since the World Cup allocation due to human rights violations. The government repeatedly refers to a variety of reforms, including the FIFA football world association speaks of improvements in the country. According to media reports, thousands of workers have died on World Cup construction sites.

The authorities “continued to investigate the death of thousands of work migrants thoroughly who had died suddenly and unexpectedly in recent years,” Amnesty wrote.

Through this “omission”, Qatar did not protect a “central element of the right on life”, “because it could not be determined whether the death of men was related to their working conditions”.

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