To Turkey-Off: FIFA

There is apparently a more spectacular referee change in European football. Cüneyt Cakir could change from Turkish to the Swiss Association.

The former Turkish referee and longtime CaKir colleague Deniz Coban reported in his column for the newspaper fanatik on Wednesday that the FIFA Elite referee Cakir received an offer from the Swiss Association.

Accordingly, the Turkish Association has entered into an official request to let Cakir still manage games in the Swiss Super League this season. An answer of the Turkish association is still out.

The background of the possible change of association is the referee quake in Turkey from the beginning of March. The Turkish association pulled several top referees with immediate effect from traffic. Cüneyt Cakir was also included.

Suspension has no criminal background

The referee’s committee of the association founded the process at that time with a change to initiate. A criminal background would not exist.

Last week, the appellant committee of the Turkish Association has complied with an objection of the referees concerned and explains the suspension of the referees for non-rights. They should continue to pursue their work.

But despite this judgment, referee chairman Ferhat is insisting on its position and does not want to use the referees. A ranked board member of the association has therefore resigned on Wednesday.

For Cakir, the suspension is particularly bitter. The experienced impartial is facing his sixth major tournament, after being spoiled at three European championships and two World Championships and was also provided for the World Cup 2022. Without inserts in the domestic league, a World Cup participation is not possible.

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In Switzerland, Cakir could get the necessary inserts. In addition to the FIFA man from the Elite category, his assistants suspended in Turkey should also switch to Switzerland. Whether Turkey suits is still unclear.

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