[Review] 2in1 notebooks root, LG gram 360 16T90Q

PC, notebook market is becoming more fierce to day. According to the Global Market Research Company, Kanalis, the PC sold all over the world, a total of 34,100,000 in the world, and the laptop is a level of about 16% YoY to a level of about 165 million. While the tedious fight with Corona 19 continues, the demand for telecommuting, the demand for foreign work is increasing, and the laptop is nothing more than the consolidation of the electronics manufacturer.

At this moment, several notebook manufacturers are developing and released a variety of new products. It is an independent chip with its own developed chip, with the best performance in a specific field, with a separate EGPU, a product that emphasized all portability and performance… and the technology of each manufacturer’s technology and novel ideas, You are.

This is a variety of new technologies, and products that are more solidly fundamented in the flood of ideas. One of them is ‘LG’ (Gram) series. People who are not interested in electronic devices are also the fundamental of ultra-light notebooks, as “LGGG”, “LGGG”, “I am a huge light notebook?” That strict is a positive point for consumers that there is a Uwnori that allows you to accept a different part of the entertainment (?) Gram.

The LG Gram series can be divided into two large. The first is ‘LG Gram’ series, which is weighted on lightweight, portability. We are generally the ‘gram’ that is the families that are reminiscent. It is a product that focuses on business purposes, including a lightweight (based) of KG, a lightweight (based) and a simple graphics work.

The second is a series of ‘LG Gram 360’ ** series with powerful performance and functions for the creator to actively reflect various market needs. It is the largest feature that the touch display that is capable of 360 ° can be seen in the name. It is a product that maximizes productivity by using a professional Wacom (WACOM) pen and a variety of creative activities. In particular, the 21st Grand Branch 360 boasts high performance to the first place in the notebook performance evaluation conducted by the Consumer Report, which is a US power consumer medium.

In the 22nd year of April, which will be introduced from now on ‘The New Gram 360’ 16T90Q has returned to a more advanced than the previous work. The latest 12th generation Intel® Core ™ processors are equipped with more powerful performance. Because of the drawing and photo correction, it is, of course, high-definition photo correction work and light image editing can also be digested. It also provides colorful color options for each size, so you can also choose an individual color that meets your taste.

One. Opening and Package Configuration

Gram 360 16T90Q , unlike simple packages, it was a pretty good component. The full-size HDMI port that was mounted on a regular gram series is a default component instead of disappearing. Even if you do not use a USB-C monitor, you can easily connect to the external monitor even if you do not purchase a separate accessory.

The stylus pens provided is a simple design that grams gram logo is stamped. I was able to get a quite a heavy feeling when I had a little weight and thickness. You can use the supplied twist to use the enclosed tweezer and use it by replacing the pendant that is perfect for the taste. A good grip is the basis and supports 4,096 delicate push pressure, and it is even better if you enjoy the drawing.

2. Products / Port Configuration / Keyboard

Gram used in reviews 360 is a 16T90Q, Opcidian black color. Despite the name of 40.6cm, it is a fairly lightweight (approximately 1,480 g of the main body, despite the name of 40.6cm. Furthermore, the notebook top plate adopts a premium aluminum material that is not plastic, so it is a way to disappear well with the unique toys of ultra lightweight laptop. For light weight, the loading was used for Magnesium. It is a feeling that the luxury is more emphasized thanks to the color.
* 40.6cm: Screen diagonal length standard (16 inches)

The port configuration is also alternative. MICRO SD slots are mounted, moving data immediately without a separate reader, and can be operated with two Thunderbolt 4 ports, and the functions such as PD charging, monitor connection, and high-speed data transfer without separate docks or hubs can be used simultaneously There is.

The keyboard has adopted an array of almost the same array, which is independent of the direction key, even though it contains the right number pad, the direction key was arranged independently, and almost the same array. A new font that has been neatly improved was applied and I could feel the one more time. The keyboard of the laptop was a keyboard that shows the tanned tackle, which is a slightly repulsive type, and it was a keyboard that gives a pretty satisfactory typing experience.

3. The ‘PCMover Professional’ app that can easily call data on the previous PC

If you purchase a new PC, a notebook, you have the best fault. It is the process of moving existing data. This Gram 360 is built into the default app The ‘PCMover Professional’ utility can be built into the existing PC, the data of the laptop, as well as the new notebooks to the new notebook. You can solve the most annoying tasks with the most annoying tasks as if you are moving the data on your smartphone.

Miri Miri is a user who is stored in a separate external drive that is stored in a separate external drive. That’s what I also. In addition, the speed of the built-in drive is faster, and it is more efficient. I would like to be the ability to be able to satisfy the majority of users.

4. DCI-P3 99% Vivid 40.6cm Display

A 40.6cm vast display size, which uses 13 inch laptops as focusing, has a tremendous satisfaction. I decided to have a lot of frustrating feeling of notebooks. In addition, you can adopt more information on the screen that adopts 16:10 aspect ratio of 16:10, which emphasizes productivity. I boast the best efficiency in the work environment.

The color was also satisfactory. If you display a notebook for a business notebook, it is a large number of NTSC 72%. In the case of 360, it shows the product to cover the DCI-P3 color area by 99%. Because this colorful color expression is possible, photo correction or design work can also be exhausted.

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5. 360 ° rotation touch display available in various modes

Grams 360 can be used as a variety of forms by rotating the display by 360 degrees. From a common laptop mode to a narrow space, it is up to a tablet mode that allows you to use tent modes, visual viewing and handwriting on one screen. Personally, the tent mode is the most utilized. I was the best when I was looking at YouTube at a narrow desk.

6. 4,096 Professional Wacom Stylus Pen and Various Software Supporting Proliferation

The component and the Wacom stylus pen was available as a multi-facing surface. Wacom Optimization Software Wacom Notes (Wacom Note), Bamboo Paper (Bamboo Paper), LG Pen Settings Newly equipped with the default app of Gram 360. I can easily handwritten by running ‘Wacom Notes’. Supports the ability to export to TXT files on the app itself, and the written content that requires storage or sharing was possible to easily convert to text files.

In addition, the drawing app ‘Bamboo Papers’, which is ranked in the App Store top, is also installed in the basic app, so I was able to sketch ideas with delicate 4,096 pneumatic pressure of Wacom Pen without installation. Because of the basic support of various types of brushes and multiple colors, it was possible to quite detailed expressions with only the vampe paper app.

In addition to using the handwriting, the drawing tool, you can set up and leverage various functions through LG Pen Settings. You can use it as a mouse instead of your fingers in tablet mode. You can run the mouse clicks, as well as you want to put the desired actions on the radial menu to play music, pause or web browser page motion or gesture.

  • Wacom optimization software is installed only for Windows with Windows. (For the Windows Info Model, LG Pen Settings can be downloaded / installed for free through the Microsoft Store after Windows installation.)
  • Execution and driving methods of various software can be checked through LG PC Manuals> LG Easy Guide .

8. The latest 12th generation Intel® Core ™ processor, Windows 11

This Gram 360 is a product that applies the Intel® EVO ™ platform called the next generation notebook standard. It means a product that has passed a variety of demanding verification, such as responsiveness, battery life, and charging time. With a large capacity battery of 80Wh, it is possible to use more than 9 hours of FHD resolution and 30 minutes charging can be used for more than 4 hours.


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