The original firefighter “Elden Ring” that has been disabled “Elden Ring” is cleverly playing the game with 2 clear-2 tubes

! caution!

The videos at the beginning of the article contain the neetabare of “Elden Ring”
Please be careful to browse.

China Video Delivery Site “Bilibili Video” has published a video that the former firefighter who suffered from the body is “”.

Yuta-san bears serious injury from his neck to his neck from the accident in 2013. He is currently recovering a certain extent than at the beginning of the accident, but it needs support by ventilator.

It is such a sweet potato, but we achieved a feat of clearing “Elden Ring” at the middle of March. A custom-made controller that he used to be used at that time. It seems that it reflects the various actions in the game by blowing breath with different combinations in two tubes.

Initially, although I was helping from his mother to manipulate, finally I grabbed the tips and defeated Las Boss while controlling the camera with a build of magic specialization.

He also acquired the national qualification of psychological consultant in 2016, under the influence of psychology instructors who met at the beginning of the accident. He is currently going to open his psychological workshop.

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